Top Gynecological Oncologists

Gynecological oncologists treat cancers of women's reproductive organs.

This article is from the 2005 version of Top Doctors. For Washingtonian's 2008 Top Doctors, please click here

Willard A. Barnes Jr., office at GU; hospital privileges also at SIB, VHC, WHC.

James F. Barter, Rockville; SIB, SG, HC, POT, SUB. Also in Obstetrics/Gynecology.

Annette Bicher, Annandale; FRFX, ALEX.

Charles R. Boice, WHC, ARUN, Silver Spring; SG, HC, SIB, WADV.

Jonathan Cosin, WHC; GU.

B. Frederick Helmkamp, Annandale; FRFX, ALEX.

Hans-B. Krebs, Annandale; FRFX, ALEX.

Jeffrey Y. Lin, Downtown DC; GWU, SIB, HC. Also in Obstetrics/Gynecology.

Paul J. MacKoul, Bethesda, Reston, Largo, Annapolis; LOU, FOAKS, VHC, HC, SIB, RES, GWU, ARUN. Special interest in laparoscopic surgery.

Edmund S. Petrilli, Manassas; PW, POT, RES.

Albert J. Steren, Rockville; SG, SUB, HC, WADV, MONT, JH, SIB. Also in Obstetrics/Gynecology.

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