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Top Pain Management Specialists

Specialists in pain medicine, usually anesthesiologists but sometimes neurologists, treat problems with acute and chronic pain in both hospital and ambulatory settings.

This article is from the 2005 version of Top Doctors. For Washingtonian's 2008 Top Doctors, please click here

Babak Arvanaghi, office in Bethesda; hospital privileges at SUB. Anesthesiologist.

Virgil A. Balint, Herndon, Shirlington.

Andrei Cernea, SIB.

Abraham A. Cherrick, ALEX, Shirlington, Franconia. Also in Rehabilitation.

William L. Chester, SG.

May Lin Chin, GWU. Special interest in acute and chronic pain, cancer pain management.

Roger A. Denney, FRFX; FOAKS.

John F. Dombrowski, SIB, Northwest DC. Concentration in anesthesiology.

Loren L. Friedman, VHC; GWU.

Robert D. Gerwin, Bethesda; SUB. Neurologist.

Sassan Hassassian, Ashburn; PW.

Howard A. Heit, Fairfax.

Stuart W. Hough, Rockville, Alexandria, Riverdale, Frederick; SG, DOC.

John M. Huffman, HC. Concentration in anesthesiology.

Stephen F. Kennedy, FRFX; FOAKS. Concentration in anesthesiology.

Mark D. Klaiman, Bethesda, Northwest DC; SUB, SG, MONT.

Marc A. Loev, Hagerstown; SUB.

Lee Ann Rhodes, WHC, Downtown DC. Concentration in anesthesiology.

Carl L. Sylvester, SIB. Concentration in anesthesiology.

Justin H. Wasserman, Bethesda.

Lester A. Zuckerman, Rockville, Glen Burnie, Frederick; SUB. Concentration in anesthesiology.