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Top Pediatricians

Pediatricians specialize in development of children and treatment of childhood diseases.

This article is from the 2005 version of Top Doctors. For Washingtonian's 2008 Top Doctors, please click here

Katherine Abbott, office in Manassas; hospital privileges at PW, FOAKS.

Victor P. Abdow Jr., Rockville; FOAKS, SG.

Janet L. Adams, College Park, Silver Spring; HC, WADV.

Promise Ahlstrom, Northwest DC; CNMC, SIB.

Morris S. Albert, Olney, Mount Airy; SG, HC, MONT.

Milagros C. Ariza, Downtown DC; SIB, GWU, GU.

Vincent P. Ascrizzi, Reston; RES, FRFX.

Bassam A. Atiyeh, Falls Church; GU, VHC, FRFX.

G.A. Balfour, Northwest DC; SIB, GWU, GU.

Amin J. Barakat, Falls Church; VHC, FRFX, GU.

Joan W. Barkin, Rockville; HC, SG. Also treats adolescents.

James R. Baugh, Fairfax, Herndon; FRFX, VHC, RES.

Howard Bennett, Northwest DC; CNMC, GWU, SIB. Special interest in enuresis.

Gary J. Bergman, Alexandria, Fairfax; ALEX, FRFX. Special interest in Tourette's syndrome.

Jay A. Bernstein, Rockville, Germantown; SG, HC.

Jeffrey P. Bernstein, Silver Spring; HC.

Erwin A. Bondareff, Alexandria; ALEX, FRFX.

Thomas H. Botsford, Rockville; SG, SIB, GU.

John W. Bouldin, Manassas; PW.

Leah Brasch, Chevy Chase; SIB, SUB.

Barbara J. Brynelson, Rockville; SG.

Catherine S. Casey, Arlington; VHC, FRFX.

Charles P. Coggeshall, Rockville; GU, SG, SIB. Special interest in adolescent care.

Lawrence F. Cohen, Silver Spring; HC, CNMC, WADV. Special interest in pediatric oncology.

Raymond H. Coleman, Rockville; HC, SG, CNMC, SIB, GWU. Special interest in adolescence, chronic diseases.

Lisa M. Crim, FOAKS, Springfield; FRFX.

Thomas R. Crock, Falls Church; ALEX, VHC, FRFX.

Collin D. Cullen, Bethesda; SIB, GU. Internist. Also in Family/General Practice.

Michael W. Datch, Silver Spring, Rockville; HC, SG.

Anthony DiPaola, Reston; FRFX, RES.

Cheryl F. Edmonds, Northwest DC; GU, SIB.

Joseph M. English III, Bethesda; GU, SIB, SUB.

Joseph C. Evers, McLean; VHC, FRFX.

John D. Farrell Jr., South Riding, Reston; FRFX, FOAKS, RES.

Edward J. Feroli, Montgomery Village, Germantown; SG, HC.

Cynthia L. Fishman, Silver Spring, Rockville; HC, SG.

Elizabeth Flynn, Manassas, Gainesville; PW.

Linda Ann Friehling, Alexandria, Fairfax; ALEX, FRFX.

June E. Fusner, Kensington; GU, SIB, HC.

Mary G. Garrett, Arlington; VHC, FRFX.

Carl F. Gatto, Potomac; SG, GU, SIB.

Frank James Giancola, Manassas; FOAKS, PW. Special interest in ADD, ADHD, children with special needs.

Caren Glassman, SG.

Alan E. Gober, Wheaton, Gaithersburg; SG, CNMC, HC, MONT, SIB. Special interest in neonatology.

William D. Goldman, Arlington; VHC, FRFX.

Linda Goldstein, Chevy Chase; SIB, SUB, CNMC.

Diane Halpin, Falls Church; FRFX, VHC.

Ellen K. Hamburger, Downtown DC; GWU, CNMC. Special interest in development, premature babies.

Stephen G. Harrison, Reston; FRFX, RES.

Kathleen M. Hawkins, Rockville; SG, SIB, GU.

Martha W. Hogan, Springfield, FOAKS; FRFX. Special interest in asthma, ADHD counseling.

Richard L. Jones, Chevy Chase; GU, SIB, SUB. Special interest in newborn care, sports medicine, substance abuse, ADHD.

Jennifer B. Kaplan, Downtown DC; CNMC, GWU.

Evan B. Karp, Vienna; FRFX.

David L. Kettl, Rockville; SG, HC, SIB. Special interest in ADHD.

Karen R. Kingry, SUB, Rockville.

George M. Korengold, Potomac; SG, SIB, GU.

Dana L. Kornfeld, Bethesda; HC, GWU GU, SG, CNMC, SIB. Special interest in adolescence.

S. Marc Krenytzky, Manassas; PW.

Giorgio V.P. Kulp, Bethesda; GU, SIB, SUB.

Nicole V. Lang, Downtown DC; GWU, SIB, CNMC.

Peggy B.K. Lee, Rockville; GU, SIB, SG.

Russell C. Libby, Fairfax, Herndon; FRFX, FOAKS, VHC, RES. Special interest in ADD.

Catherine A. Lischwe, Arlington; FRFX, VHC.

Robin Madden, Silver Spring; HC, CNMC. Special interest in child psychology.

Mindy J.F. Maggid, Rockville; SG, HC, SIB. Special interest in adolescent care.

Ruth A. Mann, Reston, Sterling; FRFX, RES.

Marsha Mason, Manassas, Gainesville; PW.

James E. Mattey, Bethesda; HC, CNMC, SG, SIB, GWU, GU. Special interest in allergies, immunology.

Vanessa M. Mayol, Potomac; SIB, GU, GWU, SG.

Robert L. McDowell Jr., Northwest DC; GU, GWU, SIB. Subspecialty in neonatology.

Bryan W. McEachern, Manassas; PW. Special interest in ADHD, asthma.

Gordon W. Mella, Montgomery Village, Germantown; HC, SG. Special interest in sports medicine.

David R. Miller, Olney, Mount Airy; MONT, HC, SG.

Laurence J. Murphy, Burke; FRFX, FOAKS. Special interest in ADD, allergies

Lynne D. Myers, Falls Church; VHC, FRFX.

Nelson Niu, Gaithersburg; SG.

Beale H. Ong, Northwest DC; CNMC, SIB, GU, GWU. Subspecialty in neurology.

Mario R. Ortega, Rockville; WADV, HC.

Francis M. Palumbo, Northwest DC; GU, GWU, CNMC, SIB.

Kathleen O. Parente, Alexandria; FRFX, ALEX.

Pamela G. Parker, Silver Spring; HC.

Paul T. Peebles, Bethesda; CNMC, GU, GWU, SIB, HC, SG. Special interest in oncology/hematology.

Bruce W. Pfeffer, Springfield, FOAKS; FRFX. Special interest in ADD, hyperactivity.

L. Harrison Pillsbury, Northwest DC; GU, CNMC, SIB, GWU. Special interest in allergies.

Carol Ann Plotsky, Rockville; SG. Special interest in oncology.

Joseph V. Puglise, Woodbridge; POT, FRFX.

Amy B. Pullman, Downtown DC; GU, GWU, SIB.

Judith B. Ratner, Downtown DC; CNMC, GWU. Special interest in adolescent care.

David J. Reese, VHC.

Dorothy Anne Richmond, GU. Special interest in eating disorders.

Christopher N. Rossbach, FOAKS, Springfield; FRFX. Special interest in adolescent care.

Vojislava C. Russo, Great Falls; FRFX. Special interest in adolescent care.

Hari Cheryl Sachs, Rockville, SG. Special interest in adolescent care.

Richard H. Schwartz, Vienna; FRFX, FOAKS. Special interest in ears, pediatric research.

Paul E. Schweisthal, Vienna; FRFX.

Sheila Shanahan, Northwest DC; CNMC, SIB, GU, GWU.

Robert B. Shearin, Chevy Chase; GU, SIB. Special interest in infectious diseases, adolescent care.

Herbert M. Solomon, Silver Spring, Rockville; HC, SG.

Stacy Staats, Burke; FOAKS, FRFX.

Frank L. Stroud, Northwest DC; CNMC, SIB, GU, GWU. Special interest in ADD.

Eugene K. Sussman, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, Olney, Wheaton; HC, SG. Special interest in allergies.

Sandra A. Takai, Germantown; SG. Special interest in adolescence.

Stuart B. Taylor, Gaithersburg; HC, SG, MONT.

Richard E. Trabert, Falls Church; ALEX, VHC, FRFX.

Caroline C. Van Vleck, Northwest DC; GWU, GU, SIB, CNMC.

Paul R. Weiner, Bethesda; CNMC, GU, GWU, SIB, HC, SG.

Samuel Weinstein, Fairfax, Herndon; FRFX, RES.

Anastasia Williams, Manassas; PW.

Debra A. Zeh, Fairfax, Great Falls; FRFX, RES.

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