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Margaritas and Black Suburbans

>>Seen: Even the most powerful people party when leaving a job. Former White House chief of staff Andy Card joined his friends Alberto Gonzales, Robert Mueller, and Joe Allbaugh—otherwise known as the Attorney General, FBI director, and former FEMA director—for dinner with their wives at the Dupont Circle hangout Lauriol Plaza. The high-powered gang would have been almost inconspicuous at a second-floor corner table except for the nearby table of beefy security agents and the line of black Suburbans out front. …

>>Heard: A new book features the fantasies of more than 50 prominent Washington women. You’ll discover that Alma Powell wants to be a supernumerary in an opera, Diane Rehm would like to win an Oscar, and local anchor Wendy Rieger wants to be a surfer. The project by Ilene Leventhal and Francine Levinson, along with photographer Clay Blackmore, is titled Extraordinary Women: Fantasies Revealed and places each of the women in her fantasy—thanks to some airbrushing and help from Photoshop. The results range from a badge-toting Judy Woodruff playing detective to Alma Gildenhorn as queen for a day to some odd moments, such as the photo of Sarah Brady playing a private eye—Brady couldn’t make the photo shoot, so it’s actually another woman’s body with Brady’s head pasted on top….

We’re used to seeing Brits cross the pond to bring “culture” to the colonists. Now Shakespeare Theatre’s Michael Kahn is returning the favor. Kahn’s production of Love’s Labor’s Lost moves to the Bard’s home turf, Stratford-on-Avon, in August.

Kahn sets the comedy in the 1960s in an Indian ashram, with a boy band and its guru. Hair meets Hamlet? …

Many Washingtonians will be surprised to see Joe Klein quoted on the cover of the new anti–Hillary Clinton quote book, I’ve Always Been a Yankees Fan. Klein praises the book, which includes a foreword by former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris.

The book’s cover shows her wearing a Chicago Cubs hat, with Klein saying, “This could be Hillary’s Unfit for Command,” a reference to the Swift Boat Veterans book that helped sink John Kerry’s 2004 presidential run.

It’s a surprisingly partisan quote coming from the novelist and Time political columnist—but it doesn’t really come from him.

The “Joe Klein” on the book cover is New York attorney Joseph A. Klein, author of Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom and a contributor to right-wing magazines.

Such marketing tricks might be what Time’s Joe Klein had in mind when he penned his new book, Politics Lost: How American Democracy Was Trivialized by People Who Think You’re Stupid.

The blog published a photo of the Howard Kurtz Salon on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles. It’s not a new sideline for the already overworked Washington Post media reporter and CNN host. The hip salon is the brainchild of LA stylist Howard Kurtz, who’s spent 31 years in the business. He admits that he’s caught his Washington namesake on TV a few times. “He seems quite knowledgeable,” says the LA Kurtz.