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After the Death of the Legendary Father, Cacheris Turns to the Son

The death of Washington legal legend William Hundley at age 80 affected no DC lawyer more than his longtime partner and friend, Plato Cacheris.

The two had worked together for 50 years, and in the 1970s and ’80s they were the best-known two-man practice in town.

In an unusual turn, the youthful-looking Cacheris is now partner with Hundley’s son John F. Hundley at Trout Cacheris.

Bill Hundley and Cacheris tried their first case together in 1957. In 1971 they began a 16-year partnership as Hundley & Cacheris. During the Watergate scandal, the two defended one of the most colorful rogues ever indicted in Washington, Attorney General John Mitchell.

As late as the Bill Clinton administration, Hundley and Cacheris were still the men to see for scandal, though they were no longer in the same firm. In the Whitewater investigation, Hundley represented Clinton pal Vernon Jordan, Cacheris presidential flame Monica Lewinsky.

Hundley once worked with Attorney General Robert Kennedy; he always was more enamored of Cacheris than of his clients. Cacheris recalls that Hundley, when asked what he thought of Lewinsky, replied, “She’s no Marilyn Monroe, and I knew Marilyn Monroe.”