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Interview with Amy Angelo

Amy Angelo is a mergers-and-acquisitions lawyer in the District, and she wears a suit to work most every day. But her passion is denim.

How many pairs of jeans do you own?

I get rid of the ones I haven’t worn in the past year, so I probably have 25 or 30.

What’s the most expensive?

My Stitch’s pair was $280.

Which did you buy most recently?

Taverniti. They’re casual and look great with a simple top. They have a military patch on the back pocket. I wore them to a baseball game the other night.

When did your jeans obsession start?

It was about six years ago, right at the point when the jeans phase was starting. Earl was one of the first designers to cut jeans better for a woman’s body, then Seven came around. Jeans can be the hardest thing to shop for. I was finally finding styles that fit well, looked good, and felt comfortable. There are so many options now, especially with skinny jeans coming back.

Did you wear skinny jeans the last time they were in style?

In high school, I remember the ones with zippers down the sides. I vaguely remember the leggings and stirrup-pants phase. I can’t believe it’s coming back, but I’m sure I’ll get into it. I like trying out whatever is new and fun and different.

Where do you buy your jeans?

The Denim Bar. I trust Mauro Farinelli’s opinion. He’ll tell you what’s trendy and what looks good on you. Saks has a good selection too.

What’s your favorite pair to go out in?

Lately I’ve been wearing Paige. They give you such a long, lean look.

Can you wear jeans to work?

We have denim day on Fridays. I’ll usually wear one of my Rock & Republics. They’re comfortable and appropriate for the office—no distressing, not too tight, low rise without being too low.

I take it that is your favorite day?

Exactly. I basically wear suits to work and then lots of jeans—they’re my staple wardrobe item for evenings, weekends, and everything else.