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Lila Castellaneta

Ten of Washington’s best-dressed women share their fashion advice, their favorite shops—and their fashion disasters. Read about one of them.

This article is from 2006's Best Dressed Women package. To see 2007's Best Dressed Women package, click here.

Wife of the Italian ambassador to the United States

Photograph by Matthew Worden

How would you describe your style? Personal. Nature has been kind, and my frame allows me to wear things that might be considered extreme, but I tend toward the classic.

What’s been your best bargain? My jewelry. I design it myself.

What kind of jewelry do you design? High fashion, gold, diamonds, all precious and semiprecious stones.

Favorite thing in your closet? Jeans, smock shirt, loafers. It’s what I wear around the house and when I paint or work on my jewelry designs.

The best-dressed person in Washington? My husband. He has an exceptional sense of style—thanks to me.

How many pairs of shoes do you own? You couldn’t be asking me for a number, could you? How about “many enough”?

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