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Scene Stealers Help with Makeovers

Lundon Sorrell and Alexander Harris will help you redo your look

“I’m all about presenting sexy,” says Lundon Sorrell, a stylist whose mono-monikered clients include Diddy and Pharrell. Lundon sees too many Washington women in mannish suits—“and oxford shirts,” he sighs.

For $150 an hour—with a three-hour minimum—Sorrell will cleanse your closet of fashion mistakes, urge you to consider above-the-knee skirts, and help find that holy grail, the perfect jeans. Such pronouncements as “Black is always the new black” are free.

Sorrell, with business partner Alexander Harris—their company is called Scene Stealers (703-583-7656; alexlundon@scenestealersst­—also offers sartorial services to men, who according to Sorrell need to bring more color into their lives.