The 2006 Foodie In and Out List

The Best Bites blog will be taking a break until January 2, but before we head off to gorge ourselves on bacon, Parker House rolls, and burrata, we'll leave you with our first annual Foodie In and Out list. See you in the new year!

Pickled veggies Veggie sorbets
Korobuta pork Kobe beef
Pierogi Spaetzle
Cauliflower gratin Creamed spinach
Dessert crepes Beignets
Lurisia bottled water Voss
Chorizo oil Basil oil
Lardo Pork belly
Parker House rolls Carbophobes
Sablefish Tuna
Lillet Prosecco
Middle Eastern Pan-Latin
Macaroons Mini-burgers
Bone marrow Chicken livers
Shabu-shabu Miso soup
Grapes Currants
Cowboy Cut Petit filet
Meats served for two Meats priced by the ounce
Burrata Manchego
Bacon Foie gras
Expensive tea Fancy hot chocolate

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