Kangaroo TV at the Stadium

Now, fantasy-football fanatics don't have to worry that they'll miss other games while they're at FedEx Field.

For diehard fans, the drawback of FedEx Field on a Sunday is that for four or five hours they miss the action going on elsewhere. This can be especially hard on fantasy-football fanatics whose players are scattered across the NFL.

Kangaroo TV solved the problem this season by bringing DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket to the stadium. Its yellow handheld device is rentable for $39.95 at a stadium kiosk and lets fans peek in on any game and scroll through detailed team and player stats. It also has a “red-zone” channel that zips to any game on the verge of a touchdown.

Though the TV might hamper the full stadium experience—it’s hard to hold it while wearing a foam finger—it looks to spread across the NFL next season as it already has around NASCAR.

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