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Madonna’s Line Hits H&M

The Material Girl releases her material line.

 I have to admit, when I first heard that Madonna was releasing her own fashion line through cheap 'n trendy retailer H&M, I had my doubts about the pop star's ability to design and create. Though known for her iconic style, this is also the woman best known for trotting around town in shiny track suits.

But after having read about and viewed items from the line on various fashion blogs, I must say that I covet several of the items in it–maybe not the belted leotard (seriously?), but the white, cap-sleeved, swishy dress, the belted trench, the glamorous (yet affordable!) sunglasses–they're kind of adorable. (See some items in a magazine scan here.)

Well, tomorrow is your chance to see the line in person. H&M stores are revealing the line for purchase on Thursday, March 22. Most stores open at 10am, but if you want to get your hands on anything in particular, it's probably best to get there an hour or two beforehand–in fact, I've read accounts of people planning to line up starting as early as tonight.

And if the release of Madonna's line of clothing is anything like the Stella McCartney release a year-and-half ago, go prepared to fight for your right to buy–and maybe ready to throw a few 'bows if necessary. I'll be at the downtown H&M on 12th and F Streets NW for After Hours to cover the scene (and maybe to indulge in a few purchases of my own, if I can swing it) so I'll see you there. Happy shopping!