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After Hours Items: The Best Links of the Week

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Best link of the week? The Where & When Weekend column, of course! If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here to get details on events this weekend, such as a multimedia art party, Artomatic, and local comedy and music festivals.

Project Beltway informs us about a trunk show this weekend in Alexandria by one of my favorite local jewelry designers, Queen Bee. Besides chunky, unique necklaces and bracelets, there’ll be champagne and food. RSVP here.

The Washington Post’s Marc Fisher reports on not-really-voluntary “voluntary” agreements by establishments in Mount Pleasant not to play live music.

Blogger Molt Be creates two handy Google Maps for your city needs—a DC ward map and, even better, a city taxi-zone map. The taxi map makes it much easier to figure out if your cab ride will take you through one zone or more.

For help figuring your way around Artomatic—which opens today and runs through May 20—check out’s helpful map.

Wondering what the weather will be like this weekend as you plan what you’ll be up to? Capital Weather breaks the sobering news: “There’s no spinning this for positive press. This weekend will, in general, be mostly undesirable with a chance of miserable.” But, it says, the Cherry Blossom parade on Saturday could be spared. Let’s hope!