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New Words, New License Plates

“Taxation Without Representation (in Both Houses of Congress).” Okay, it’s not as pithy as the “Taxation Without Representation” slogan that has graced more than a million DC license plates since 2000. What will happen to the plates if the latest DC voting-rights bill—granting full representation in the House—passes?

DC Vote spokesman Kevin Kiger says that while the fate of the iconic slogan rests with the DC Council, his organization will push for an updated call to arms, one that highlights the ongoing fight for full representation. A few suggestions:

1. The Bank of America

2. The Country’s Pork Barrel

3. Smoke-Free but Full of Hot Air

4. Ask About Our Literacy Rate!

5. Lawyer’s Paradise

6. Representation With out Semiautomatics

7. Cocaine-Free Governance Since 1990

8. Live Free or Appeal

9. Land of 10,000 Lobbyists

10. Catch Potomac Fever