Things to Do

Our Pick for the Weekend: Bliss at the Black Cat (With a Special Guest DJ)

Travis Morrison guest DJs at Bliss at the Black Cat on Saturday.

Saturday, May 26: Travis Morrison was not only the front man for one of the most popular bands to come out of DC, it turns out he’s also got some skills as a DJ. The former singer for the Dismemberment Plan (read my interview with him here) spins tonight at the Black Cat for the Bliss dance night. Last time he was there, he apparently tore up the floor with a unique blend of hip hop, funk, and rock. $6, backstage. 9 pm.

Travis and his DJ skills aren't the only thing going on this Memorial Day weekend. Check out the supersized picks for events, going on through Monday, like a strawberry festival, a jazz festival, two great local bands playing for charity, and more in Where & When Weekend.