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Secret Life of Teens: Yearbook

They’re smart and talented—though not such great drivers. From high-school yearbooks of the class of ’07, here are winners of senior honors.

Most Likely to Succeed in Hollywood

Scott Rosenfeld and Juliette Verroye Seneca Valley High, Germantown

“I was Lewis in the musical Pippin—my favorite role,” Scott says. “Juliette and I have been in a lot of productions together. She’s played my mother, my sister, and my wife.”

Most Likely to be Famous

Dana Herson and Patrick Prebula Gaithersburg High

Says Patrick: “I’ve been writing my own musical and my own music for a while. It’s not traditional—it’s got some gospel sound, with a few jazz songs. I’m working on what you would consider a rock opera.”

Worst Drivers

Shane McNair and Alison SunukjianCentre­ville High, Clifton

“I freak out and get really anxious when I have to drive,” Alison says. “I usually bum rides with friends—they joke that if we ever get a ticket, I’ll have to pay half.”

Best Dancers

Nyairrea Jones and Thomas Ford, Gaithersburg High

“I’ve been taking hip-hop classes since I was three or four,” Nyairrea says. “My dream is to open my own dance studio and have kids come in who love to dance. I want to teach jazz, hip-hop, street.”

Most Likely to Succeed

Brett Rosenberg and Mae Wang, Seneca Valley, Germantown

“I’m going to major in biomedics and go to vet school,” Brett says. “What kind of practice? Depends on where the money is.”

Most Intelligent

Mark Kolodne and Melissa Tinling, Gaithersburg High

Says Melissa: “I plan to study environmental science next year—not trying to save the world or anything, just trying to make small changes and promote sustainability in a local community.”

Best Dressed

Tim Bryan and Julianna Rickwald Loudoun County High, Leesburg

“My school is really preppy, but I’m not,” Julianna says. “One thing you’ll probably never see me in is a polo. I like to be different with what I wear.”

Best Dressed

Lauren Riehl, Seneca Valley, Germantown

“I love shoes. I have a whole room dedicated to shoes and clothes. I wear stilettos all the time, even at school. My teachers make fun of me and say, ‘How do you walk around all day?!’ ”

Best Hair

Katie Dalby and Mark Sanchez Loudoun County High, Leesburg

Mark, on his hairdo: “It’s kind of wavy, not like a ’fro—just the quintessential long-haired-guy look. I’m not planning on cutting it for a while. I’m still looking around for a good haircut.”

Best Laugh

Wesley McGrew (left) and Noel Edwards, Loudoun County High

“I snort when I laugh,” Noel says. “It’s an impulse thing. I try to keep it down. When a friend and I think something’s really funny and we’re in a really quiet atmosphere, we try really hard not to laugh. But it never works.”