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Ten Well Dressed Women: Jean-Marie Fernandez

Ten women share their fashion advice, their places to shop—and their fashion disasters.

Photograph by Matthew Worden

Jean-Marie Fernandez, 36

President, Fernandez Foundation, a family foundation focused on the health and education of needy children in Washington

How would you describe your style?

Personal. I like to combine a lot of things. With the right accessories, great shoes, and a great handbag, you can make anything look good.

What do you splurge on?

Gucci shoes and Chanel and Chloé handbags.

Where do you like to shop?

Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase.

What outfit makes you feel terrific?

A summer flirty dress—when I’m not pregnant. (Fernandez, who is married to Raul Fernandez, CEO of ObjectVideo, had their third child, Alina Marie, on July 19.)

What was your worst fashion disaster?

When I drove my daughter’s carpool to camp last summer, I wore pajamas, slippers, and sunglasses. I hoped that the sunglasses made it seem like an outfit.

What’s your best fashion advice?

Trust your instincts. If a little voice inside your head says “no,” don’t buy it or wear it.


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