To Do: $5 Mezze for Zaytinya’s Fifth Anniversary

Penn Quarter's Zaytinya turns five. Photographs by Maxwell MacKenzie.

José Andrés’s hip Penn Quarter mezzeteria celebrates its fifth birthday next week—and everyone’s invited to the seven-day party. Stop by anytime from Monday, October 22, through Monday, October 29, for $5 small plates, $5 desserts, and $5 cocktails—perhaps the best deal of all, as Zaytinya’s specialty drinks are usually responsible for pushing the dinner bill out of the cheap-eats range.

Next week, the five wallet-friendly drinks include the Pom-Fili, a spin on sangría made with white wine, vodka, triple sec, and pomegranate juice; the Lemon Thyme, lemon ouzo with thyme-infused simple syrup; and Mediterranean-influenced versions of the cosmo, sea breeze, and lemon drop.

A sharable plate of carrot-apricot-pine-nut fritters.

The discounted mezze are Zaytinya’s five bestsellers: hummus, havuc koftesi (carrot-apricot-pine-nut fritters), spanakopita, salmon with roasted-garlic yogurt, and Chicken Muhammarah, marinated and served with a roasted-red-pepper-and-walnut sauce. The small plates are regularly $5.95 to $7.50.

Among the five $5 desserts is the Turkish Delight, a delicious sundae of walnut ice cream with yogurt mousse, honey gelée, and phyllo that has been a fixture on Zaytinya’s menu since the beginning. For something new, try the Black Cherry Yogurt—Greek yogurt topped with black cherries and cherry sorbet. Desserts aren’t mezze-size, so there’s plenty to share for just $5.

Zaytinya, 701 Ninth St., NW; 202-638-0800;