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Get Free Taxi Rides This Halloween

It's finally Halloween, the best holiday of the year (for those who like candy, costumes, and going out, all together). What are you doing to mark the occasion? Indulging in some pumpkin beer? Maybe going on a ghost tour? Heading out to a bar?

Whatever you're doing, make sure you have fun—but make sure to be safe, too. One way of doing that is to use the SoberRide taxi service being offered this evening. The Washington Regional Alcohol Program offers free taxi rides tonight starting at 8 PM and going till 1 AM. Just dial 1-800-200-TAXI, and the ride, as long as it's under a $50 value, will be free. The finer points: you must be 21; you can't reserve a cab ride in advance; and if your ride costs more than $50, you pay the difference.

And that's it! Easy, right? So get out there in your best costume and have a blast. Trick, treat, and taxi for free.