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He’s Got Style: Winston Lord

10 men who like fine clothing and know what looks good on them talk about where they shop, labels they love, fashion tips, and what they splurge on—including one man’s 3,000 ties.

Photograph by Ron Aira.

Winston Lord, 39
Consultant at Portfolio Logic, a private investment firm

How would you describe your style?

All-American and casual.

Favorite designers?

For work, I like Cavalli and Paul Smith suits. For casual clothes, I’m a big fan of Lacoste as long as the collars aren’t popped. I also like Rock & Republic and Sevens jeans, and Puma.

Favorite places to shop in Washington?

I really like Thomas Pink, and I go to Denim Bar for jeans. But I’m not really a big shopper—I force myself to go to Neiman Marcus and Saks a couple of times a year and stock up.

What’s the best bargain you’ve ever found?

A couple of vintage T-shirts that I found at a thrift store in Texas. It was a total hole in the wall. They probably would have cost $100 each if I found them here, but I paid about $4 for each of them.

Best fashion advice you’ve received?

Always bring a woman along shopping because they are brutally honest. And they have better taste than us men.