The 2008 Foodie In/Out List

Wasabi caviar, Greek yogurt, and micro-cilantro are popping up on menus everywhere. But burrata and butter-poached lobster? They're old news.
In Out
Micro-cilantro Micro-basil
Chicken-fried anything Schnitzel
Huckleberries Cherries
Greek yogurt Burrata
Fizzes Martinis
Lobster mushrooms Poached lobster
Wasabi caviar Trout roe
Dates Figs
Pieds de cochon Crocs as kitchen shoes
Hungarian wines Australian wines
Celery root Carrots
Cheese plates Cheese carts
Pork jowl Lardo
Half portions Servings for two
Gratins Mac and cheese
Marshmallows Chocolate truffles
Green Goddess dressing Aïoli
Kale Broccoli rabe
Pickling Smoking
Whole fish Filets
Liver and onions Chicken livers
Buttermilk desserts Brown-butter cake
Half bottles Flights
“Have you dined with us before?” “Some black pepper with that?”
Chefs as consultants Chefs in the kitchen
Stark menu descriptions Listing every purveyor
Sommeliers Maître d’s

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