The Vosges Bacon Chocolate Bar: Genius or Disgusting?

The food world's love for all things porcine isn't flagging one bit. But do applewood-smoked bacon and milk chocolate really belong together?
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Last week, a reader wrote into Kliman Online introducing us to the Vosges brand Mo’s Bacon Bar. Vosges, the Tiffany of chocolate companies, according to Kliman, created this high-quality milk-chocolate bar with applewood-smoked bacon bits, and already the company’s online store is sold out. But bacon and chocolate? We were skeptical, too.

Remember how good Aunt Jemima-drenched bacon is? Vosges owner and chocolatier Katrina Markoff does. She had a eureka moment when her chocolate-chip pancakes and bacon mixed. (Fair enough.) We got our hands on her curious chocolate bar and asked eight Washingtonian staff members to give it a try. Squeals were heard inside the room: “Chocolate with bacon!?” Only three of the fearless participants actually finished the bite-size portion. Even self-proclaimed bacon lovers had trouble keeping it down.

Similar to a Nestle Crunch bar, the texture is crispy. At first, the alderwood- smoked salt hits you, activating a gag reflex. Chocolate should not taste this salty. But if you think past the initial taste and smell and don’t compare it with bacon-flavored dog treats, it makes more sense a few bites later. Associate food and wine editor Ann Limpert stayed focused and eventually was a fan: “Got any more?” She looked a bit ravenous. As she pointed out, the salty-sweet duo is nice, and the high-quality chocolate is delicious. But for the average person, there’s the whole bacon thing—and mentally, that’s hard to swallow.

Mo's Bacon Bar, $7, is available at the Curious Grape (4056 S. 28th St., Arlington; 703-671-8700); Artfully Chocolate (116 E. Del Ray Ave., Alexandria; 703-635-7917); Balducci's (10323 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda; 301-564-3100); Biagio Fine Chocolate (1904 18th St., NW; 202-328-1506); and Georgetown Wine & Spirits (2701 P St., NW; 202-338-5500). 

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