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Sidewalk Style: Elton Pittman

Welcome to Sidewalk Style, the feature where we photograph stylish people on the street and ask them about their fashion tips and ideas. This week we stopped Elton Pittman, whose vintage boots caught our attention. Sidewalk Style is written by Rachel Coth

Elton Pittman, 28

Elton works at Macy’s in Pentagon City . . . for now: “I also sing, dance and act.” He just finishes a gig with Spirit of Washington cruises. “So now I’m just auditioning—and shopping!”

What he’s wearing: Straight-leg Donna Karan lightweight jeans, H&M waffle-weave shirt, and vintage boots he received as a gift from a friend shopping in New York: “I enjoy them. . . . I get a lot of attention when I wear them!”

Where he likes to shop: “Thrift stores and secondhand stores—I love those! I go all over, but the ones in Virginia are great, and there’s one on Annapolis Road in Bladensburg. H&M, Banana Republic, DKNY, French Connection, Zara, and Urban Outfitters. Filene’s Basement is a great place for simple things. I love to shoe shop at Aldo.”

How he likes to dress
: “Fresh, cool, clean. I like classic clothes with a twist, like these funky shoes with a classic jean.”

His style mantra: “Don’t overthink it. Live, have fun, and let your clothes accentuate your personality. Clothes should be a way to express or reinvent yourself.”

What he thinks of style in Washington: “Washington is a mixing bowl of style. People come here from all over, so you’ll see someone who looks very Atlanta next to someone who looks very New York. So all of the different styles mix together to make us who we are as Washingtonians. We’re like a big salad bowl of fashion.”

Rachel says: One of the biggest mistakes people make, I think, is not personalizing what they wear. I’m not saying that all men should go out and buy boots like these; the point is not just to choose clothing or accessories based around trends or “rules” but to think in terms of what makes you feel unique or special.