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Caviar for Cats

Expensive baubles and treats that some owners are buying for their furry friends

A black-tie collar from Felinerina.


Cat stroller from Kittywalk Systems, $199.95.

Collar with gold-plated spacers and lavender and lilac beads from Felinerina, $49.95.

Lilli’s Shanghai Asian skirt, $55.

Cat’s-eye necklace with pearl from On the Catwalk, $58.99.

Crown necklace charm, designed by jeweler Dorothy Bauer and made from Austrian Swarovski crystal, $42.50.

Purrfect Poophaus, six-level structure where cats nap, play, scratch, and do their business, $339.99.

Trundle bed covered in imitation fur, from Favorite Pet Products, $54.99.

Lion cut, with hair shaved except for the head and paws, at Olde Towne Pet Resort in Springfield, $65 to $75.

Kitty Kaviar, flaked tuna in a can, $21.50 for a six-pack.

A car seat designed so that dogs can look around as they ride, from Snoozer Pet Products, $89.95.


Formal party dress by Glamour Dog, silk and polyester with a pearl ribbon on the back, $86.

Faux-mink coat by Glamour Dog, $120.

Paris Hilton pink satin nightgown, $69.95.

Swarovski crystal barrette, $34.

Giulietta leash made from crocodile leather and beaded with crystal stones, $64.95.

Charles Nantucket carrier made from red French leather, $424.95.

Harlequin Pom-Poms Bed with faux-leather headboard, footboard, and side rails, $1,400.

PetsCell from PetsMobility, GPS system and two-way communication device coming out later this year; price to be announced.

Mineral mud treatment, pedicure, and spa bath at Paws of Enchantment in Mount Rainier, $50.

Water workout in a 20-foot heated lap pool at Olde Towne Pet Resort in Springfield, $35.

Dog Pawfum from Juicy Couture, $60.

Pinot Leasheo from Bark Vineyards, gravy in a wine bottle to pour over your dog’s dry food, $21.99.


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