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Love Stories

Read the most romantic, surprising, or just plain quirky tales of love and marriage in Washington.

Scott Doyle and Blake Keeley
Two native Washingtonians meet in London.

Will Shimé and Angela Schmidt Shimé
A staged meeting turns into a serious romance.

Shahdy Ali-Hassan and Sahar Javadi
A Washington man plans a romantic proposal in Brazil.

Matt and Kristina Cowan
A man, a woman, a ring . . . and the police?

Jamie Gillespie and Andrea Seltzer
High-school sweethearts plan a Washington wedding.

Andy Levi and Niki Herr
Smile and say, "Yes!" This couple got an early start to their wedding album.

Scott and Jennifer Basinger
This Washington romantic gave his soon-to-be fiancée a clue to decode.

Will and Katie Telligman
Coincidence after coincidence brought this couple together.

Kent Lassman and Dana Damico
Bookstore clerk meets admiring customer. Sounds kind of like Notting Hill.

Bryan and Audra Clark
A sweet boyfriend pulls off an insanely creative proposal.