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Chat With Standup Comic Aaron Karo

Karo ruminates.

On Wednesday, April 16, at noon, standup comic Aaron Karo will join us for an online chat. During his freshmen year at the University of Pennsylvania, Karo began sending out monthly e-mails, titled Ruminations, recounting funny stories and anecdotes to a few friends. Word of mouth spread about the e-mails, and by his senior year Karo had amassed more than 11,000 subscribers nationwide. His columns have been compiled and published by Simon & Schuster in two collections, Ruminations of College Life and Ruminations on Twentysomething Life.

Want to know more about his time in college? We do. Karo was a member of a fraternity at Penn, and we’re betting there are still plenty of untold stories you can wheedle out of him. He’ll also answer questions about touring, performing standup, his dark days working for an investment bank, and perhaps even his puzzling love for soccer.

Karo will performing his standup routine at the 9:30 Club on Friday, April 18. Be sure to check him out there, and don’t forget to submit a question to the chat!