Frozen Crab Cakes?

Courtesy of the Crab Ladies.

“Crab cake” and “frozen” are like Democrats and Republicans—they don’t go together. And lump crab mixed with artichokes and three cheeses? Sacrilege.

Yet the Frederick-based Crab Ladies contradict the conventional wisdom. Anointed by food critic David Rosengarten in his influential Rosengarten Report, the frozen, baseball-size mounds of jumbo lump crab meat turn golden, crisp, and irresistible after 45 minutes in the oven. They would shame the crab cakes at many highbrow restaurants.

The original version is packed with sweet chunks of crab and so little filler that its gluten-free cousin tastes almost identical.

The flavored cakes are the biggest surprise: The subtly cheesy crab mingles nicely with artichoke or bacon.

A package of six four-ounce crab cakes is $71.70 plus shipping. Call 301-682-8080 or visit


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