Sidewalk Style: Church Glam

We spotted 26-year-old Shanice after church in an unusual designer creation.

Shanice Wills, 26
Makeup artist, MAC

Who makes this dress? “It’s Issey Miyake. It’s two pieces. I got it a long time ago at a boutique in Friendship Heights. I can’t remember the name of [the boutique] and I don’t think it’s there anymore.”

Describe your style: “Eclectic, trendy, and chic. I love vintage and I love to buy from boutiques.”

Signature style: “I always wear heels. I hate flats. I feel unattractive in them.” 

Favorite brand of jeans: D&G.

Rachel Says: Conceptual styles like this have real perspective. Since he first began designing in the 1980s, Japanese designer Issey Miyake has been known for technology-driven fabrics and designs, and in the ‘90s, for his innovative garment pleating technique, which Shanice is wearing.  Check out the floaty, feminine pieces available on the designer’s “Pleats Please” site.



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