The Wrap-Up: The Week in Food

Every Friday, we fill you in on what’s been happening in the local restaurant world.

• We all know that Alaska Governor and Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin likes to hunt moose. And now the New York Times reports that Palin is also a fan of eating the gamey meat. Residents in the chilly state use it in stews, burgers, and even as a pizza topping. Should she make it to Washington, can we expect moose jerky to appear at Safeway or Giant?

• Next month, the pint-size Greek restaurant Mourayo in Dupont Circle will double in size when it takes over the vacant space next door, says the Washington Post. Expect a 12-seat bar—three times the size of the current one—and a communal table. Co-owner Natalina Koropoulos also hopes to expand the menu to include bite-size poikilia and recommended booze pairings.  

• Metrocurean has found the latest street vendor on the corner of Eighth and H streets, Northwest: silver trucks that are an employment program through hunger-fighting DC Central Kitchen. The carts dish out gumbo, among other foods. It’s about time we got us some Southern grub on the street. 

This tipped us off that Morou Ouattara, chef/owner of Alexandria’s Farrah Olivia is planning to open up shop downtown. Yesterday, Washington City Paper’s Tim Carman correctly reported that the chef is bidding for the space recently vacated by Butterfield 9, but Carman was wrong about the concept. While Carman described it as a “cowboy steakhouse,” Ouattara told us today that he envisions something much closer to his first restaurant—modern American with African touches—“to give his staff room to grow.” We also confirmed Carman’s speculation that the restaurant will include the name of Ouattara’s two-year-old daughter, Kora.

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