What’s on CommonWealth’s iPod?

Photograph by Catherine Andrews.
Photograph by Catherine Andrews.

A restaurant’s iPod can say a lot about a place, so each week we’re checking out the top ten most-played songs at local spots to get a sense of their musical tastes.

First up is CommonWealth, the “British-inspired and American-bred” restaurant by chef Jamie Leeds, which opened last month in DC’s Columbia Heights. Does its playlist match the gastropub’s menu? From the classic sounds of the Cure to the up-and-coming indie rock of the Wombats, CommonWealth’s top ten spans a large chunk of modern-rock history and dips equally into the rich English and Scottish music scenes.

1.    “Piazza, New York Catcher,” Belle & Sebastian
2.    “Mr Rock & Roll,” Amy MacDonald
3.    “Whistle for the Choir,” the Fratellis
4.    “Cities in Dust,” Siouxsie & the Banshees
5.    “Why Can’t I Be You?,” the Cure
6.    “American English,” Idlewild
7.    “Full Fat,” Newton Faulkner
8.    “That’s Not My Name,” the Ting Tings
9.    “What Katie Did,” the Libertines
10.   “Let’s Dance to Joy Division,” the Wombats


What's on the iPods of Local Restaurants?

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