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Who Was the Best to Wear Number 9?

Picking Washington’s 101 greatest pro athletes—one for each uniform number from 00 to 99

At a news conference after his 2004 trade to the Redskins, running back Clinton Portis was given a burgundy-and-gold jersey with the number 26 that he’d worn in Denver. One problem: That number belonged to third-year Redskins safety Ifeanyi Ohalete.

Portis agreed to pay Ohalete $40,000 for rights to the number. But then the team cut Ohalete and he filed suit against Portis, claiming that his ex-teammate still owed him $20,000. The players worked out a settlement after a year of wrangling and only a day before the case was to go to trial.

Such a tempest isn’t surprising given what athletes invest in the numbers on their backs. Wizard Gilbert Arenas uses his number as a source of motivation: Zero, critics wrongly predicted, was the number of minutes Arenas would play his freshman year at the University of Arizona. Alex Ovechkin’s number on his Capitals sweater serves as tribute to his mother, who wore number 8 while leading the Soviet Union’s basketball team to Olympic gold in 1976 and 1980.

Chamique Holdsclaw wore number 23 as a Mystic—not because she wanted to be like Michael Jordan but as a reminder of the 23rd Psalm, which begins, “The Lord is my shepherd.” Gheorghe Muresan was not so spiritual: The center wore 77 because he, the tallest player in NBA history, stood seven-foot-seven.

Who was the greatest professional athlete in Washington to wear each jersey number? Our list includes players from the Baltimore Orioles, the area’s only professional baseball team from 1972 through 2004; the Homestead Grays, a Negro League team that regularly played home games at Griffith Stadium in the 1930s and ’40s; and the Baltimore and Washington Bullets, precursors to the Washington Wizards. We considered athletes’ impact, their individual and team success, how long they played here, and their career as a whole.

With some jersey numbers, we struggled to find even one player who rated as “great.” But so many terrific athletes shared some other numbers that we named a few honorable mentions (HM).

00—Bobo Newsom, Senators pitcher (1935–37, 1942, 1943, 1946–47, 1952). HM: Steve Bagarus, Redskins running back (1945–46, 1948); Kevin Duckworth, Bullets center (1993–95).

0—Gilbert Arenas, Wizards guard (2003–present). HM: Johnny Olszewski, Redskins running back (1958–60).

1—Buddy Myer, Senators second baseman (1925–27, 1929–41). HM: Eddie Yost, Senators third baseman (1944, 1946–58); Al Bumbry, Orioles outfielder (1972–84); George Case, Senators outfielder (1937–45, 1947); Brian Roberts, Orioles second baseman (2001–present); Rod Strickland, Bullets/Wizards guard (1996–2001); Gus Williams, Bullets guard (1984–86); Bob Boyd, Orioles first baseman (1956–60).

2—Buddy Lewis, Senators third baseman (1935–41, 1945–47, 1949). HM: Roy Sievers, Senators outfielder (1954–59, 1964–65); Mitch Richmond, Wizards guard (1998–2001); Ken McMullen, Senators third baseman (1965–70); Stan Spence, Senators outfielder (1942–44, 1946–47); Ken Klee, Capitals defender (1995–2003); Mark McLemore, Orioles second baseman (1992–94); Mark Simpson, DC United goalkeeper (1996–2001).

3—Mickey Vernon, Senators first baseman (1939–43, 1946–48, 1950–55). HM: Scott Stevens, Capitals defender (1982–90); Mark Moseley, Redskins kicker (1974–86); Heinie Manush, Senators outfielder (1930–35); Bobby Grich, Orioles second baseman (1970–76); Harmon Killebrew, Senators third baseman (1954–60); Harold Baines, Orioles designated hitter (1993–95, 1997–99, 2000); Caron Butler, Wizards forward (2005–present).

4—Joe Cronin, Senators shortstop (1928–34). HM: Kevin Hatcher, Capitals defender (1984–94); Mike Bragg, Redskins punter (1968–79); Moses Malone, Bullets center (1986–88); Antawn Jamison, Wizards forward (2004–present); Chris Webber, Bullets/Wizards forward (1994–98); Jim Gentile, Orioles first baseman (1960–63); Bob Nieman, Orioles outfielder (1956–59).

5—Brooks Robinson, Orioles third baseman (1955–77). HM: Rod Langway, Capitals defender (1982–93); Goose Goslin, Senators outfielder (1921–30, 1933, 1938); Cecil Travis, Senators infielder (1933–41, 1945–47); Joe Kuhel, Senators first baseman (1930–37, 1944–46); Pete Runnels, Senators shortstop (1951–57); Juwan Howard, Bullets/Wizards forward (1994–2001); Darrell Walker, Bullets guard (1987–91).

6—Joe Judge, Senators first baseman (1915–32). HM: Calle Johansson, Capitals defender (1989–2003); Paul Blair, Orioles outfielder (1964–76); Melvin Mora, Orioles third baseman (2000–present); Mike Riordan, Bullets forward (1971–77); John Harkes, DC United midfielder (1996–98); John Stone, Senators outfielder (1934–38); Joe Orsulak, Orioles outfielder (1988–92).

7—Joe Theismann, Redskins quarterback (1974–85). HM: Ossie Bluege, Senators third baseman (1922–39); Yvon Labre, Capitals defender (1974–81); Mark Belanger, Orioles shortstop (1965–81); Jerry Adair, Orioles second baseman (1958–66); Ryan Nelsen, DC United defender (2001–04); Jim Busby, Senators/Orioles outfielder (1952–55, 1957–58, 1960–61).

8—Cal Ripken, Orioles shortstop (1981–2001). HM: Alex Ovechkin, Capitals forward (2005–present); Walt Bellamy, Bullets center (1963–65); Rick Ferrell, Senators catcher (1937–41, 1944–45, 1947); Larry Murphy, Capitals defender (1983–89); Chip Lohmiller, Redskins kicker (1988–94); Andy Etchebarren, Orioles catcher (1962, 1965–75); Dmitiri Khristich, Capitals forward (1990–95, 2000–02).

9—Sonny Jurgensen, Redskins quarterback (1964–74). HM: Frank Howard, Senators outfielder (1965–71); Mia Hamm, Freedom forward (2001–03); Ryan Walter, Capitals forward (1978–82); Brady Anderson, Orioles outfielder (1988–2001); Don Buford, Orioles outfielder (1968–72); Dainius Zubrus, Capitals forward (2001–07); Garnet Bailey, Capitals forward (1975–78).

10—Earl Monroe, Bullets guard (1967–71). HM: Marco Etcheverry, DC United midfielder (1996–2003); Bob Dandridge, Bullets forward (1977–81); Kelly Miller, Capitals forward (1987–99); Ellie Hendricks, Orioles catcher (1968–72, 1973–76, 1978–79); Bob Carpenter, Capitals forward (1981–87, 1992–93); Miguel Tejada, Orioles shortstop (2004–07); Don Ohl, Bullets guard (1964–68).

11—Elvin Hayes, Bullets forward (1972–81). HM: Mike Gartner, Capitals forward (1979–89); Mark Rypien, Redskins quarterback (1987–93); Early Wynn, Senators pitcher (1939, 1941–44, 1946–48); Doug DeCinces, Orioles third baseman (1973–81); Gus Triandos, Orioles catcher (1955–62); Luis Aparicio, Orioles shortstop (1963–67); Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals third baseman (2005–present).

12—Peter Bondra, Capitals forward (1990–2004). HM: Firpo Marberry, Senators pitcher (1923–32, 1936); Jeff Agoos, DC United defender (1996–2000); Roberto Alomar, Orioles second baseman (1996–98); Alvin Crowder, Senators pitcher (1926–27, 1930–34); Mike Devereaux, Orioles outfielder (1989–94, 1996); Tommy Davis, Orioles designated hitter (1972–75); Gus Frerotte, Redskins quarterback (1994–98).

13—Steve Barber, Orioles pitcher (1960–67). HM: Andrei Nikolishin, Capitals forward (1996–2002); Ed Justice, Redskins receiver (1937–42); Doyle Alexander, Orioles pitcher (1972–76).

14—Eddie LeBaron, Redskins quarterback (1952–53, 1955–59). HM: Ben Olsen, DC United midfielder (1998–present); Lee May, Orioles designated hitter (1975–80); Mike Bordick, Orioles shortstop (1997–2000, 2001–02); Gaetan Duchesne, Capitals forward (1981–87); Tom Henderson, Bullets guard (1977–79); Mickey Tettleton, Orioles catcher (1988–90); Gene Woodling, Orioles/Senators outfielder (1955, 1958–62).

15—Davey Johnson, Orioles second baseman (1965–72). HM: Hoyt Wilhelm, Orioles pitcher (1958–62); Bailey Howell, Bullets forward (1964–66); Roy Lassiter, DC United forward (1998–99, 2002); Frank Johnson, Bullets guard (1981–88); Guy Charron, Capitals forward (1976–81); Alan Haworth, Capitals forward (1982–87); Charles Johnson, Bullets guard (1978–79).

16—Dutch Leonard, Senators pitcher (1938–46). HM: Scott McGregor, Orioles pitcher (1976–88); Bengt Gustafsson, Capitals forward (1979–86, 1987–89); Richie Williams, DC United midfielder (1996–2000, 2002); Brian Carroll, DC United midfielder (2003–07); Norm Snead, Redskins quarterback (1961–63); Bump Hadley, Senators pitcher (1926–31, 1935).

17—Billy Kilmer, Redskins quarterback (1971–78). HM: Turk Edwards, Redskins tackle (1937–40); Doug Williams, Redskins quarterback (1986–89); Mike Ridley, Capitals forward (1987–94); B.J. Surhoff, Orioles outfielder (1996–2000, 2003–05); Camilo Pascual, Senators pitcher (1954–60, 1967–69); Bones McKinney, Capitols (defunct NBA franchise) forward (1946–50); Chris Clark, Capitals forward (2005–present).

18—Craig Laughlin, Capitals forward (1982–88). HM: Carlos Llamosa, DC United defender (1997–2000); Nick Rimando, DC United goalkeeper (2002–06); Jeff Conine, Orioles first baseman (1999–2003, 2006); Alex Carrasquel, Senators pitcher (1939–45); Chuck Stobbs, Senators pitcher (1953–58, 1959–60); Pat Kelly, Orioles outfielder (1977–80); Randy Burridge, Capitals forward (1991–95).

19—Dave McNally, Orioles pitcher (1962–74). HM: Charley Malone, Redskins receiver (1937–40, 1942); Brendan Witt, Capitals defender (1995–2006); Joe Aguirre, Redskins receiver (1941, 1943–45); Bob Porterfield, Senators pitcher (1951–55); Bryan Watson, Capitals defender (1976–79); Fred Lynn, Orioles outfielder (1985–88); John Druce, Capitals forward (1988–92).

20—Josh Gibson, Homestead Grays catcher (1929–31, 1937–40, 1942–46). HM: Frank Robinson, Orioles outfielder (1966–71); Michal Pivonka, Capitals forward (1986–99); Alana Beard, Mystics guard (2004–present); Cliff Battles, Redskins running back (1937); Joe Lavender, Redskins cornerback (1976–82); Robert Lang, Capitals forward (2002–04); Larry Hughes, Wizards guard (2002–05).

21—Earnest Byner, Redskins running back (1989–93). HM: Dennis Maruk, Capitals forward (1978–83); Terry Allen, Redskins running back (1995–98); Mike Nelms, Redskins kick returner (1980–84); Sean Taylor, Redskins safety (2004–07); Rob Goode, Redskins fullback (1949–51, 1954–55); Dick Farman, Redskins offensive lineman (1939–43); Archie Clark, Bullets guard (1971–74).

22—Jim Palmer, Orioles pitcher (1965–67, 1969–84). HM: Sam Rice, Senators outfielder (1915–33); Steve Konowalchuk, Capitals forward (1992–2003); Kevin Loughery, Bullets guard (1963–71); Dino Ciccarelli, Capitals forward (1989–92); Charlie Justice, Redskins running back (1950, 1952–54); Mike Thomas, Redskins running back (1975–78); Curtis Jordan, Redskins safety (1981–86).

23—Michael Jordan, Wizards guard (2001–03). HM: Chamique Holdsclaw, Mystics forward (1999–2004); Brig Owens, Redskins safety (1966–77); Sam West, Senators outfielder (1927–32, 1938–41); Eddie Pope, DC United defender (1996–2002); Chris Hoiles, Orioles catcher (1989–98); Tippy Martinez, Orioles pitcher (1976–86); Jim Lemon, Senators outfielder (1954–60).

24—Rick Dempsey, Orioles catcher (1976–86, 1992). HM: Jeff Malone, Bullets guard (1983–90); Champ Bailey, Redskins cornerback (1999–2003); Lemar Parrish, Redskins cornerback (1978–81); Jack Marin, Bullets forward (1966–72); Pete Richert, Senators/Orioles pitcher (1965–71); Bill Malinchak, Redskins receiver (1970–74, 1976); Rick Barry, Caps (ABA franchise) forward (1969–70).

25—Walter Johnson,* Senators pitcher (1907–27). HM: Gus Johnson, Bullets forward (1963–72); Rafael Palmeiro, Orioles first baseman (1994–98, 2004–05); Joe Washington, Redskins running back (1981–84); Don Baylor, Orioles outfielder (1970–75); Doug Jarvis, Capitals forward (1982–85); Bob Sirois, Capitals forward (1975–80); Jackie Brandt, Orioles outfielder (1960–65).

26—Boog Powell, Orioles first baseman (1961–74). HM: Paul Krause, Redskins safety (1964–67); Clinton Portis, Redskins running back (2004–present); Bryan Namoff, DC United defender (2001–present); Bobby Bonilla, Orioles outfielder (1995–96); Don Stanhouse, Orioles pitcher (1978–79, 1982); Bob Allison, Senators outfielder (1958–60); Danny Copeland, Redskins Safety (1991–93).

27—Ken Houston, Redskins safety (1973–80). HM: Dave Christian, Capitals forward (1983–89); Brad Edwards, Redskins safety (1990–93); Fred Smoot, Redskins cornerback (2001–04, 2007–present); Dick Bosman, Senators pitcher (1966–71); Ron Kline, Senators pitcher (1963–66); Wally Bunker, Orioles pitcher (1963–68); Craig Berube, Capitals forward (1993–99, 2000–01).

28—Darrell Green, Redskins cornerback (1983–2002). HM: Hugh Taylor, Redskins receiver (1947–54); Abby Wambach, Freedom forward (2002–03); Hal Brown, Orioles pitcher (1955–62); Jim Dwyer, Orioles outfielder (1981–88); Bob Masterson, Redskins receiver (1938–43); Randy Myers, Orioles pitcher (1996–97); Herb Mul-Key, Redskins kick returner (1972–74).

29—Ken Singleton, Orioles outfielder (1975–84). HM: Mark Murphy, Redskins safety (1977–84); Dick Hall, Orioles pitcher (1961–66, 1969–71); Joe Reekie, Capitals defender (1994–2002); Sam Shade, Redskins safety (1999–2002); Casey Cox, Senators pitcher (1966–71).

30—Brian Mitchell, Redskins running back (1990–99). HM: Bernard King, Bullets forward (1987–91); Gregg Olson, Orioles pitcher (1988–93); Dennis Martinez, Orioles pitcher (1976–86); Frank Filchock, Redskins quarterback (1938–41, 1944–45); Jim Carey, Capitals goalkeeper (1995–97).

31—Don Bosseler, Redskins fullback (1957–64). HM: Charley Harraway, Redskins running back (1969–73); Ray Scott, Bullets forward (1967–70); Rock Cartwright, Redskins running back (2002–present).

32—Dale Hunter, Capitals forward (1987–99). HM: Buck Leonard, Homestead Grays first baseman (1934–50); Milt Pappas, Orioles pitcher (1957–65); Steve Stone, Orioles pitcher (1979–81); Jack Pardee, Redskins linebacker (1971–72); Richard Hamilton, Wizards guard (1999–2002); Vernon Dean, Redskins cornerback (1982–87); Larry Wright, Bullets guard (1976–80).

33—Sammy Baugh, Redskins quarterback (1937–52). HM: Eddie Murray, Orioles first baseman (1977–88, 1996); Don Beaupre, Capitals goalkeeper (1988–94); Brendan Haywood, Wizards center (2001–present).

34—Al Iafrate, Capitals defender (1990–94). HM: Storm Davis, Orioles pitcher (1982–86, 1992); John Williams, Bullets forward (1986–91); Don MacLean, Bullets forward (1992–95).

35— Mike Cuellar, Orioles pitcher (1969–76). HM: Mike Mussina, Orioles pitcher (1991–2000); Bill Dudley, Redskins running back (1950–51, 1953); Kevin Grevey, Bullets guard (1975–83); Wilbur Moore, Redskins running back (1939–46); Gary Roenicke, Orioles outfielder (1978–85); Al Jensen, Capitals goalkeeper (1981–87); Walt Masterson, Senators pitcher (1939–42, 1945–49, 1952–53).

36—Chuck Drazenovich, Redskins linebacker (1950–59). HM: Willie Wilkin, Redskins tackle (1938–43); Mike Eagles, Capitals forward (1995–2000); Tom Phoebus, Orioles pitcher (1966–70); Connie Johnson, Orioles pitcher (1956–58); Timmy Smith, Redskins running back (1987–88).

37—Olie Kolzig, Capitals goalkeeper (1989–90, 1992–2008). HM: Pat Fischer, Redskins cornerback (1968–77); Joe Tereshinski, Redskins receiver (1947–54); Stu Miller, Orioles pitcher (1963–67); Pat Dobson, Orioles pitcher (1971–72); Gerald Riggs, Redskins running back (1989–91); Larry Centers, Redskins fullback (1999–2000); Bill Young, Redskins tackle (1937–42, 1946).

38—John Lowenstein, Orioles outfielder (1979–85). HM: George Rogers, Redskins running back (1985–87); Robin Roberts, Orioles pitcher (1962–65); Clarence Harmon, Redskins running back (1977–82); Jerry Walker, Orioles pitcher (1957–60).

39—Eddie Watt, Orioles pitcher (1966–73). HM: Clem Stralka, Redskins offensive lineman (1938–42, 1945–46); Otis Wonsley, Redskins running back (1981–85); Randy Milligan, Orioles first baseman (1989–92).

40—Wayne Millner, Redskins receiver (1937–41, 1945). HM: Alvin Walton, Redskins safety (1986–91); Lonnie Sanders, Redskins cornerback (1963–67); Calbert Cheaney, Bullets/Wizards guard (1993–99); Vicky Bullett, Mystics forward (2000–02); Dave Leonhard, Orioles pitcher (1967–72).

41—Wes Unseld, Bullets center (1968–81). HM: Mike Bass, Redskins cornerback (1969–75); Dick Todd, Redskins fullback (1939–42, 1945–48); Billy O’Dell, Orioles pitcher (1954–59); Don Aase, Orioles pitcher (1985–88); Jim Steffen, Redskins defensive back (1961–65).

42—Charley Taylor, Redskins receiver (1964–77). HM: Greg Ballard, Bullets forward (1977–85); John Adams, Redskins offensive lineman (1945–49); Bill Anderson, Redskins receiver (1958–63); Dick Alban, Redskins defensive back (1952–55); Jerry Stackhouse, Wizards guard (2002–04).

43—Larry Brown, Redskins running back (1969–76). HM: Jeff Ruland, Bullets forward (1981–86); Pervis Ellison, Bullets forward (1990–94); Nakia Sanford, Mystics center (2003–present); Rudy May, Orioles pitcher (1976–77); Terry Dischinger, Bullets forward (1963–64).

44—John Riggins, Redskins running back (1976–79, 1981–85). HM: Andy Farkas, Redskins running back (1938–44); Rich Dauer, Orioles second baseman (1976–85); Harvey Grant, Bullets/Wizards forward (1988–93, 1996–98); LeRoy Ellis, Bullets forward (1966–70); Rick Mahorn, Bullets forward (1980–85); Richard Zednik, Capitals forward (1995–2001, 2006–07); Jim Hardin, Orioles pitcher (1967–71).

45—Phil Chenier, Bullets guard (1971–80). HM: Barry Wilburn, Redskins cornerback (1985–89); Mike Sellers, Redskins fullback (1998–2000, 2004–present); Erik Bedard, Orioles pitcher (2002, 2004–07); Speedy Duncan, Redskins kick returner (1971–74).

46—Mike Flanagan, Orioles pitcher (1975–87, 1991–92). HM: Rickie Harris, Redskins defensive back (1965–70); Ladell Betts, Redskins running back (2002–present); Frank Grant, Redskins receiver (1973–78).

47—Dick James, Redskins running back (1956–63). HM: Chris Cooley, Redskins tight end (2004–present); Jesse Orosco, Orioles pitcher (1995–99); Laurie Niemi, Redskins offensive lineman (1949–53).

48—Stephen Davis, Redskins running back (1996–2002). HM: Norb Hecker, Redskins defensive back (1955–57); Ross Grimsley, Orioles pitcher (1974–77, 1982).

49—Bobby Mitchell, Redskins receiver (1962–68). HM: Tim Stoddard, Orioles pitcher (1978–83); Sam Baker, Redskins kicker (1953, 1956–59); Armando Benitez, Orioles pitcher (1994–98); Todd Frohwirth, Orioles pitcher (1991–93).

50—Bucky Harris,* Senators second baseman (1919–28). HM: Pete Wysocki, Redskins linebacker (1975–80); Ravin Caldwell, Redskins linebacker (1987–92); Derek Smith, Redskins linebacker (1997–2000).

51—Monte Coleman, Redskins linebacker (1979–94). HM: Jim Schrader, Redskins offensive lineman (1954, 1956–61); Clyde Shugart, Redskins offensive lineman (1939–44); Jon Rauch, Nationals pitcher (2005–08).

52—Neal Olkewicz, Redskins linebacker (1979–89). HM: Mike Boddicker, Orioles pitcher (1980–88); B.J. Ryan, Orioles pitcher (1999–2005); Mike Green, Capitals defender (2005–present); Cory Raymer, Redskins offensive lineman (1995–2001, 2004–05).

53—Jeff Bostic, Redskins offensive lineman (1980–93). HM: Al DeMao, Redskins offensive lineman (1945–53); Harold McLinton, Redskins linebacker (1969–78); Marcus Washington, Redskins linebacker (2004–present); Sammy Stewart, Orioles pitcher (1978–85); LaVern Torgeson, Redskins linebacker (1955–57); Marvcus Patton, Redskins linebacker (1995–98).

54—Kurt Gouveia, Redskins linebacker (1987–94, 1999). HM: Peter Cronan, Redskins linebacker (1981–85); Bob Kuziel, Redskins offensive lineman (1975–80).

55—Chris Hanburger, Redskins linebacker (1965–78). HM: Mel Kaufman, Redskins linebacker (1981–88); Sergei Gonchar, Capitals defender (1994–2004); Andre Collins, Redskins linebacker (1990–94); Ki Aldrich, Redskins offensive lineman (1941–42, 1945–47).

56—Len Hauss, Redskins offensive lineman (1964–77). HM: LaVar Arrington, Redskins linebacker (2000–05); Harry Ulinski, Redskins offensive lineman (1950–51, 1953–56).

57—Ken Harvey, Redskins linebacker (1994–98). HM: Rich Milot, Redskins linebacker (1979–87).

58—Wilber Marshall, Redskins linebacker (1988–92). HM: Antonio Pierce, Redskins linebacker (2001–04).

59—Brad Dusek, Redskins linebacker (1974–81). HM: Shawn Barber, Redskins linebacker (1998–2001); London Fletcher, Redskins linebacker (2007–present).

60—Chris Samuels, Redskins offensive lineman (2000–present). HM: Dick Stanfel, Redskins offensive lineman (1956–58); Fred Stokes, Redskins defensive lineman (1989–92); John Wilbur, Redskins offensive lineman (1971–74).

61—Fran O’Brien, Redskins offensive lineman (1960–66). HM: Casey Rabach, Redskins offensive lineman (2005–present); Ken Huff, Redskins offensive lineman (1983–85); Livan Hernandez, Nationals pitcher (2005–06).

62—Ray Schoenke, Redskins offensive lineman (1966–75). HM: Don Boll, Redskins offensive lineman (1953–59); John Nisby, Redskins offensive lineman (1962–64).

63—Raleigh McKenzie, Redskins offensive lineman (1985–94). HM: Rod Breedlove, Redskins linebacker (1960–64); Keith Sims, Redskins offensive lineman (1998–2000).

64—Ron Saul, Redskins offensive lineman (1976–81). HM: Manny Sistrunk, Redskins defensive lineman (1970–75); Andy Heck, Redskins offensive lineman (1999–2000).

65—Dave Butz, Redskins defensive lineman (1975–88). HM: Vince Promuto, Redskins offensive lineman (1960–70).

66—Joe Jacoby, Redskins offensive lineman (1981–93). HM: Myron Pottios, Redskins linebacker (1971–73); Derrick Dockery, Redskins offensive lineman (2003–06); Carl Kammerer, Redskins defensive lineman (1963–69); Milan Novy, Capitals forward (1982–83).

67—Rusty Tillman, Redskins linebacker (1970–77). HM: Ray Brown, Redskins offensive lineman (1989–95, 2004–05); Red Stephens, Redskins offensive lineman (1955–60); Ethan Albright, Redskins long snapper (2001–present).

68—Russ Grimm, Redskins offensive lineman (1981–91). HM: Jaromir Jagr, Capitals forward (2001–04); Joe Patton, Redskins offensive lineman (1994–98).

69—Mark Schlereth, Redskins offensive lineman (1989–94). HM: R.C. Thielemann, Redskins offensive lineman (1985–88); Perry Brooks, Redskins defensive lineman (1978–84).

70—Sam Huff, Redskins linebacker (1964–67, 1969). HM: Ray Lemek, Redskins offensive lineman 


71—Charles Mann, Redskins defensive lineman (1983–93). HM: Karl Lorch, Redskins defensive lineman (1976–81); Andy Stynchula, Redskins defensive lineman (1960–63).

72—Dexter Manley, Redskins defensive lineman (1981–89). HM: Diron Talbert, Redskins defensive lineman (1971–80); Joe Rutgens, Redskins defensive lineman (1961–69).

73—Mark May, Redskins offensive lineman (1981–89). HM: Paul Laaveg, Redskins offensive lineman (1970–75); Stan Jones, Redskins defensive lineman (1966).

74—George Starke, Redskins offensive lineman (1973–84). HM: Jim Snowden, Redskins offensive lineman (1965–71); Markus Koch, Redskins defensive lineman (1986–91).

75—Terry Hermeling, Redskins offensive lineman (1970–80). HM: Eric Williams, Redskins defensive lineman (1990–93); Deacon Jones, Redskins defensive lineman (1974).

76—Jon Jansen, Redskins offensive lineman (1999–present). HM: Ed Simmons, Redskins offensive lineman (1987–97); Paul Lipscomb, Redskins defensive lineman (1950–54); Walt Rock, Redskins offensive lineman (1968–73).

77—Bill Brundige, Redskins defensive lineman (1970–77). HM: Darryl Grant, Redskins defensive lineman (1981–90); Tre’ Johnson, Redskins offensive lineman (1994–2000, 2002); Randy Thomas, Redskins offensive lineman (2003–present); Gheorghe Muresan, Bullets/Wizards center (1993–98).

78—Tim Johnson, Redskins defensive lineman (1990–95). HM: Bruce Smith, Redskins defensive lineman (2000–03); Tony McGee, Redskins defensive lineman (1982–84).

79—Jim Lachey, Redskins offensive lineman (1988–95). HM: Ron McDole, Redskins defensive lineman (1971–78); Bob Toneff, Redskins defensive lineman (1959–64).

80—Gene Brito, Redskins defensive lineman (1951–53, 1955–58). HM: Roy Jefferson, Redskins receiver (1971–76); Coy Bacon, Redskins/Federals defensive lineman (1978–81, 1983); Laveranues Coles, Redskins receiver (2003–04); Stephen Alexander, Redskins tight end (1998–2001).

81—Art Monk, Redskins receiver (1980–93). HM: Joe Walton, Redskins tight end (1957–60).

82—Johnny Carson, Redskins receiver (1954–59). HM: Michael Westbrook, Redskins receiver (1995–2001); Dallas Hickman, Redskins defensive lineman (1976–81); Antwaan Randle El, Redskins receiver (2006–present).

83—Ricky Sanders, Redskins receiver (1986–93). HM: James Thrash, Redskins receiver (1997–2000, 2004–present).

84—Gary Clark, Redskins receiver (1985–92). HM: Jean Fugett, Redskins tight end (1976–79).

85—Don Warren, Redskins tight end (1979–92). HM: Henry Ellard, Redskins receiver (1994–98).

86—John Paluck, Redskins defensive lineman (1956, 1959–65). HM: Clint Didier, Redskins tight end (1982–87); Irving Fryar, Redskins receiver (1999–2000).

87—Jerry Smith, Redskins tight end (1965–77). HM: Charlie Brown, Redskins receiver (1982–84); Terry Orr, Redskins tight end (1986–90, 1991–93); Donald Brashear, Capitals forward (2006–present).

88—Rick Walker, Redskins tight end (1980–85). HM: Pat Richter, Redskins receiver (1963–70); James Jenkins, Redskins tight end (1991–2000); Albert Belle, Orioles outfielder (1999–2000).

89—Verlon Biggs, Redskins defensive lineman (1971–74). HM: Alvin Garrett, Redskins receiver (1981–84); Santana Moss, Redskins receiver (2005–present).

90—Joe Juneau, Capitals forward (1994–99). HM: Kenard Lang, Redskins defensive lineman (1997–2001).

91—Greg Manusky, Redskins linebacker (1988–90). HM: Sergei Fedorov, Capitals forward (2008–present). 

92—Michael Nylander, Capitals forward (2002–04, 2007–present). HM: Demetric Evans, Redskins defensive lineman (2004–present).

93—Phillip Daniels, Redskins defensive lineman (2004–present). HM: Marc Boutte, Redskins defensive lineman (1994–99).

94—Bobby Wilson, Redskins defensive lineman (1991–94). HM: Dana Stubblefield, Redskins defensive lineman (1998–2000).

95—Dan Wilkinson, Redskins defensive lineman (1998–2002). HM: Joe Salave’a, Redskins defensive lineman (2004–06).

96—Phil Housley, Capitals defender (1996–98). HM: Cornelius Griffin, Redskins defensive lineman (2004–present); Rich Owens, Redskins defensive lineman (1995–98).

97—Jumpy Geathers, Redskins defensive lineman (1990–92). HM: Renaldo Wynn, Redskins defensive lineman (2002–06).

98—Lemar Marshall, Redskins linebacker (2002–06). HM: Jessie Armstead, Redskins linebacker (2002–03).

99—Jaime Moreno, DC United forward (1996–2002, 2004–present). HM: Marco Coleman, Redskins defensive lineman (1999–2001); Andre Carter, Redskins defensive lineman (2006–present); Eddie Saenz, Redskins running back (1946–51).

*Number worn as Senators manager. The team began using jersey numbers in 1931.