The 2009 Foodie In and Out List

This year, say hello to haute BLTs and goodbye to salted caramel.

In Out
House-bottled water Voss
Big-name chefs doing fast food Big-name restaurants opening “cafes”
Street carts Create-your-own salads
Portion control as necessity Portion control as moral statement
Cassoulet Truffled mac and cheese
Black pudding Honeycomb tripe
Preserved lemon Meyer lemon
Everything veal Everything pork
Mackerel Bluefish
Haute BLTs Haute grilled cheeses
Linguiça Boudin blanc
Honey Salted caramel
Bartender worship Chef worship
Sunchokes Fingerling potatoes
Snubbing foie gras Chicken-liver mousse
Granité Sorbet
Clams casino Broiled oysters
Gastriques Foams
Lunchtime deals Free happy-hour snacks
Consommé Chowder
Cocoa nibs Chocolate chips
Lamb burgers Turkey burgers
Châteaubriand Cowboy cut
Chestnuts Mission figs
Heirloom peppers Heirloom tomatoes
Selection of olive oils Selection of mustards
Cress Kale
“Still enjoying?” “Are you still working on that?”
Hash Eggs Benedict
Tomato jam Onion marmalade
Grayson Constant Bliss
Rillettes Terrine
Marinated scallops Poached shrimp
Rigid reservation policies No reservations
Shavings Purées
California osetra caviar Hackleback caviar

What are your foodie ins and outs for 2009? Let us know in the comments below! 

This appeared in the Washingtonian's February 2009 100 Very Best Restaurants package.

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