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Reason 29: We Play As Hard As We Work

These five Washingtonians don’t know the meaning of “leisure time.”

Earl Blumenauer
Representative from Oregon’s 3rd District. Cycles up to 20 miles a day around his district and has run 34 marathons.
“I schedule running meetings. We run with a digital recorder, so if there’s some profound thought that occurs to me in an endorphin-induced state, I can note it.”

Kristen Henehan
Lobbyist with Evans Capital Group. Won the Marine Corps Marathon in 2007.
“Running gives me time to think about work and come up with ideas. It’s alone time that I don’t give myself otherwise. I’ve gained confidence from running. At work, it helps me be more aggressive and go out on a limb.”

Anthony Weiner
Representative from New York’s 9th District. Goalie for the Falcons, a New York amateur-hockey team; plays in congressional baseball and football games.
“Hockey’s very different from politics. Playing hockey, you get to run into each other and curse at each other and do things you probably shouldn’t do on the floor of Congress.”

Tony Russo
Head of T-Mobile’s legislative office in Washington. Golf Digest ranked him the number-one golfer among Washington power players.
“In golf, depending on whether or not you’re competitive—and I’m very competitive—you’re always trying to improve parts of your game. I do the same thing for the company, always working for ways to benefit the customer.”

Lenora Stiles
Program analyst at the Department of Justice and president of the Maryland Stingers women’s rugby club.
“There aren’t many sports in America where women get to be as physical as the guys. It’s a nice outlet for when work is frustrating because you can let it all out on the pitch.”

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