Sidewalk Style: Fashion by the Rules

This week, we were pleased to run into one of our favorite male style setters, who gave us his rules for getting dressed.

Walker Lamond, 34
Television producer, author of the blog Rules for My Unborn Son

What he’s wearing: A vintage J. Press shirt, Paul Stuart jacket, vintage tie, Levi’s 501 jeans, and thrift-store brogues.

Where do you find clothes?
“J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, and J. Press are all great for staples. I look forward to checking out Lost Boys in Georgetown. But I usually get my favorite things on eBay. If you know your measurements, not just your size, it’s the best place to find suits that I’d otherwise never be able to afford.”

You just signed a contract to publish a book based on your blog, which is a sort of throwback advice guide for men and boys. Are there any style rules that you suggest?
“The book will be full of sartorial advice for men: When wearing a tie, commit—button your top button. Keep it simple—white shirt, no pleats, no break, no socks. Don’t spend too much money on a haircut. They don’t last. No sandals. Ever.”

[Speaking of haircuts, you might remember Walker from The Washingtonian’s Great Hair package. He gets coiffed at an old-school barber shop in Georgetown. Natch.]

What’s on your summer-style wish list?
“Vintage L.L. Bean sailing jacket, short-sleeve white oxford shirts, anything worn by Roy Scheider in Jaws.”

Rachel says:
Walker and I share some favorite Web sites for men’s-style inspiration: Valet (run by the local, equally stylish Cory Ohlendorf) and A Continuous Lean. Walker’s other sources of inspiration? The site Ivy Style and Bobby Kennedy.

Weigh in on Walker’s style!

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