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Every Tuesday, Listen Up! brings you songs of bands and performers coming through town in the next week. Listen up, then go check them out live.

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Wednesday, July 16
The Opposite Sex’s Paul Bernardi may not have the nicest things to say about the DC scene, but we’re willing to turn the other cheek—partly because he’s not entirely off base with his comments but mostly because “Violent Heartstrings” is pretty rockin’. Check the band out (and tell Bernandi what you think of his comments) at DC9.

Thursday, July 17
• With a track titled “Drinking Song,” do you really have to ask why we chose to feature Jenny Owen Youngs on this week’s playlist? This New Jersey songstress, who plays at Jammin’ Java, also charmed us with her oddball rendition (and accompanying hysterical video) of Nelly’s “Hot in Herre,” which puts Alanis Morissette’s cover of “My Humps” to shame. Check out the funny video herre (and then take off all your clothes. Or not).

Saturday, July 19
• Since the Missouri band Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin last stopped in town, “Modern Mystery” has become a staple in our pop playlist. This time around, we selected “Glue Girls,” another pleasant pop tune off of the band’s latest album, Pershing. SSLYBY plays at the Black Cat.

• We’d never heard of the band Bellman Barker—or knew it was local, for that matter—but after listening to “Molly Maroon” and the newish song “ Two Bees,” we’re intrigued as to what the band might sound like live. Apparently, the guys are known for cheeky covers of pop songs like Britney’s “Toxic.” Bellman Barker opens for Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

Sunday, July 20
• Don’t let its labeling as hard rock fool you; the Sterling, Virginia, band Pygmy Lush’s sound is heavily tinged with country undertones, making for gritty material—like the song “Asphalt”—that’s actually quite pleasant to the ear. Pygmy Lush plays at the Black Cat with Stymphalian Birds and Starve.

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