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Listen Up! Summer Memories Edition

This week, Listen Up!—our music column featuring songs from bands and performers coming through town—takes a look at some of this summer's biggest hits.

Summer, for all intent and purposes, has been over for less than 24 hours but we're already feeling nostalgic. No more beach, no more white, no more—gasp— summer hours. Soul-crushing thoughts, we know. So to cheer things up, we decided to compile a list of songs so ubiquitous in our iPods, they instantly bring back flashes of warm weather, cold beer and, hmm…BBQ—our picks for this year's summer anthems, if you will.

Now, we're sure a couple of great songs may have missed our music radar, so we want you to let us know what song or songs you thought were inescapable this summer. Leave us your thoughts in the comments and we'll add your suggestions to our playlist, compiling a monster Summer Anthem playlist worthy of one last walk down memory lane. There is only one rule: No Katy Perry. We really, really can't stand that song.

Playlist no longer available.

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