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Second Thoughts

Recently married couples share the lessons they learned after planning their own big days.

“You can plan a perfect wedding in less time than you think. Ours was planned in two months! We got engaged soon after Rudy’s return from his year-long deployment to Iraq and time had new meaning for us.

Mona Mohib

Mona married Colonel Rudolph Burwell, Jr.,

in Washington on 04.11.09

“Even if you tell the band not to play “YMCA” or “The Electric Slide,” they may still do it. Just go with the flow, and join the rest of your guests in the cheesy music.”

Robin Roizman

Robin married Josh Graham in Washington on 10.26.08

“Be definitive with your vendors about what you want. In hindsight, we should’ve spent more time with the DJ to make sure the music we requested actually made it onto our playlist.”

Patrick Corbus

Patrick married Resa Homan in Washington on 12.20.09

“Don’t be afraid to try a lesser-known vendor. No one had heard of my florist, but I really hit it off with her. She completely understood my vision. I’m so glad I trusted my gut because I received so many compliments on the flowers.”

Denyse Nelson

Denyse married Bradly Burney in Washington on 09.27.09

“Make sure to carve out some time alone with your partner on your wedding day. Just ten minutes can really ground you and keep you focused on what is important throughout the bustle of the day.”

Joy Kerin

Joy married Gerard Conrad in Washington on 06.13.09

“As in many Jewish wedding ceremonies, we wrote our own vows. If you do the same, don’t stress over them. You’re both standing there because you love each other. You’ll know exactly what to say when the time comes.”

Jaclyn Lichter

Jaclyn married Alan Vincent in Adelphi on 09.06.09

“Before everything starts, set aside a few quiet moments to connect with your bridesmaids. I went on a walk with my maid of honor, and it gave me a great deal of comfort and clarity throughout the day.”

Alden Stoner

Alden married Ethan Keogh in Annapolis on 09.12.09

“Write welcome notes to guests who’ve traveled to be at your wedding. Our guests expressed their appreciation for the time and care we took in making them feel welcome. That made us feel really good.”

Trina Fairley

Trina married Eugene Barlow, Jr., in Arlington on 09.19.09

“Don’t postpone taking a honeymoon. After months of planning anxiety, you’ll need the vacation. We ended up going straight back to work, and I was exhausted for weeks.”

Sophie Gilbert

Sophie married John Wilwol in Washington on 10.03.09

“Out of three sisters, I was the last one to get married. They always said my day would come, to be patient, and to live happy. It was an honor to have them next to me to enjoy it.”

Carrie Horn

Carrie married Christopher Dooher in Washington on 04.18.09

“We were able to have 30 minutes alone together after the ceremony. The hotel brought us drinks and appetizers, and we had a quiet and intimate time to relax as husband and wife. I recommend it.”

Beej Flamholz

Beej married Darcy Eddleman in McLean on 08.08.09

“Prioritize early on what you care about most. Photography was one of our top concerns, and it was so gratifying when my mom cried after seeing our beautiful pictures.”

Allison Melia

Allison married Madison Welch in Rockville on 09.12.09

“We got married in my parents’ backyard. I wouldn’t do it any other way, but you have to be a glutton for punishment to do a wedding at home! It’s was exhausting, but very meaningful.”

Alissa Mears

Alissa married Ben Stein in Vienna on 08.01.09