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August 2021: Burgers, Beer, Barbecue!

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Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Burgers, Beer, Barbecue!

Your guide to the three B’s of summer eating (and drinking). By Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel, and Jessica Sidman.

Keys to the Past

Photograph by Avery Leigh.

A legend in Ethiopia, Hailu Mergia spent years driving a DC taxi before his music career unexpectedly took off again. Now a new discovery is shining light on the world that one of Washington’s biggest immigrant groups left behind. By Rob Brunner.

Where Have All the Trumpies Gone?

Photograph courtesy of the White House.

While some have returned to polite society, others have been exiled to obscure think tanks, been demoted, or slunk off the grid. A guide to the formers of a pariah administration. By Jane Recker.

The Olympians Next Door

Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Sure, you remember gymnast Dominique Dawes crushing gold in ’96 and swimmer Katie Ledecky snagging her first medal in 2012. But there are lots of lesser-known Olympians in our midst. By Nathan Diller.


Photograph by Mason Photography.

Details: Area-themed welcome gifts, a runway report, the best wedding songs, and more. By Amy Moeller.

Real Weddings: 16 local celebrations to inspire. By Amy Moeller.

13 Trends We Love: Elements we hope will stick around. By Amy Moeller.

The Guide: The most recommended wedding vendors and venues. By Washingtonian Weddings Staff.


Photograph by Robin Fader.

On the Insurrection Beat: The local TV reporter who has dominated coverage of the insurrection. By Andrew Beaujon.

Deep Dive: Katie Ledecky’s greatness, by the numbers. By Shriya Bhattacharya.

What is DC’s Biggest Restaurant?: What’s really DC’s biggest restaurant? By Jessica Sidman.

Chasin’ Chasten (And Pete, And Doug): Mapping sightings of Doug Emhoff and the Buttigieges. By Daniella Byck. 

The Cemetery Vs. The Beltway: The race to document a threatened Black cemetery. By Jane Recker. 

Big Picture: Following the path of the Wright Brothers. By Damare Baker.


Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Interview: Lawyer Mark Zaid reps government whistle­blowers, wrestles with First Amendment issues, and gets a bunch of hate mail. By Jane Recker. 

The Washingtonologist: Our Beltway know-it-all solves your capital-city conundrums. By Washingtonian Staff.


Photograph courtesy of Zara.

The New Normal: Local experts on time­saving hairstyles, lipsticks to try, wardrobe staples for dressing with confidence, the most comfortable bras, and how to ease back into high heels. By Amy Moeller, Sherri Dalphonse, Mimi Montgomery.


Photograph by Stacy Zarin Goldberg.

Pandemic Projects: Gorgeous backyards and other outdoor spaces created during lockdown. By Mimi Montgomery.

Neighborhood Briefing: Fairfax: New restaurants, shopping, and other attractions in the Northern Virginia city. By Marisa M. Kashino.

Off the Market: The month’s luxury home sales. By Washingtonian Staff. 


Photograph by KP Dawkins.

DC literary agent Howard Yoon on FOMO in the publishing world. As told to Shriya Bhattacharya.