Some Bacon in Your Coffee?

A Logan Circle coffeeshop is putting out some unusual twists on an average cup of Joe.

Caffeine fanatics generally order their usual when entering a favorite coffeehouse. But those who stop to study the menu at Mid City Caffe might find some head-scratching flavors. Basil-mint lattes first appeared in March, inspired by the green of spring and St. Patrick’s Day, says manager Kyle Pool. Made by infusing a simple syrup with the herbs, the drink is most often ordered iced and has been popular this summer, Pool says, as has a sweet ginger-root iced coffee.

A maple-bacon latte, featuring milk spiked with maple syrup and liquid smoke, will likely return this fall. Pool says he takes gentle ribbing from baristas at other coffeehouses about the wacky flavors. They ask: “So what’s the drink that everyone’s going to come ask us to make this time?”

This article appears in the September 2010 issue of The Washingtonian. 

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