Rising Stars: Againn’s Wes Morton

Washington's restaurant scene is full of promising young chefs. Here are 13 rising culinary stars that we think are worth your attention

Who: Wes Morton, executive chef at Againn.  

Age: 32.

Why we chose him: Thanks to Morton’s attention to detail (poaching prawns in seafood broth instead of water), traditionally heavy British pub food becomes refined.

Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana.

Also worked at: Citronelle, Circle Bistro, and CityZen.

Guilty pleasure: “My grandmother’s fried chicken, and I can never have it again because she passed away. It was a straightforward recipe—but it’s one of those things that are never the same.”

Most inspiring food trip: “London. It’s not British pub food that inspires me; it’s the way the British cook. It’s almost based on how your grandma would cook—very simple, all about local ingredients.”

Favorite cheap eat: “X.O. Taste in Falls Church—I get any kind of pork belly or some kind of fatty brisket.”

On his iPod: “Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and the Grateful Dead.”

Late-night bar: “The Passenger—they make the best Manhattan in the city.”

Hangover cure: “A Bloody Mary and fried eggs with toast.”

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