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Personal Trainers in Washington: Triathlon Trainers

Intense instruction for iron athletes

Debi Bernardes

She's an 11-time All-American triathlete and has been coaching for more than 25 years.

"Triathletes have the tendency to do too much too fast. Start out with a sprint triathlon and then work your way up. It's a lot less painful, and you'll be more successful."

Bernardes offers online consultations and in-person training sessions in Virginia for $50 an hour. Rates vary for sessions outside of Virginia.

Robert Flanigan

This All-American triathlete and founder of the coaching organization Central Virginia Endurance is a winner of the 2010 Team Duathlon National Championship, a relay event that involves running and cycling.

"Most people are excited about the Ironman. Understand that it takes years for the body to build up a physical base to be able to participate in that level of sports. So have patience."

First consultations at Central Virginia Endurance are free. Hourlong technique sessions are $40. Monthly training rates vary.

Ken Mierke

He's a two-time world champion triathlete and author of The Triathlete's Guide to Run Training.

"Take small, quick strides with your foot landing right underneath you, never out in front. Shorter strides reduce braking, vertical displacement, and impact stress. They also require a less forceful push-off to maintain speed."

Mierke offers coaching, physiological testing, and other services in Fairfax and Annapolis. Monthly coaching programs cost $90 to $400.

Margie Shapiro

A professional triathlete and 2005 Amateur World Champion, Shapiro is a member of the Project 2012 team for Olympic hopefuls.

"Identify your greatest motivating force and then remind yourself of it frequently to keep you excited. This way, you can focus on improving your weaknesses even when it's less enticing than focusing on your strengths."

Shapiro offers private 75-minute consultations for $100. She coaches runners with the PR Running Club in Arlington ($375 for four months). She also offers online training.

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