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Manny Ortiz: 40 Under 40

The young lobbyists with the most influence in Washington

Name: Manny Ortiz
Firm: Quinn Gillespie & Associates
Age: 38

Corporate clients such as Sony, MetLife, Microsoft, and EADS rely on this Democratic strategist to get results. Ortiz has had a piece of every major legislative battle of the past two years, including the health-care and Wall Street reform bills and the stimulus package. His most personal clients, though, come from his native Puerto Rico. Among them are Puerto Rico’s Senate, the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, the city of San Juan, and the largest Puerto Rican banking institution. Ortiz successfully lobbied to get an increase in Puerto Rico’s Medicaid and Medicare funding, from $500 million annually to more than $1 billion, included in the health-care bill. He’s also in the thick of a fight in the rum industry, in which he’s attempting to prevent the Virgin Islands from luring rum producers away from Puerto Rico.

This article appears in the June 2011 issue of The Washingtonian.

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