Moving Past Manchego: Trying New Cheeses

Tired of Brie? We found interesting alternatives for fans of common cheeses.

If you like Brie, you might also like . . .
Rich, runny Green Hill from Sweet Grass Dairy or French triple-cream Pierre Robert, which has the consistency of butter. 

If you like Manchego, you might also like . . .
Castellano, which is tangier, or Roncal, a firmer, stronger cheese.

If you like Gouda, you might also like . . .
Coolea, a smooth Irish cheese with a slight sweetness.

If you like fresh goat cheese, you might also like . . .
Capriole's O'Banon, goat cheese wrapped in bourbon-soakes chestnut leaves. Ask how old the cheese is—younger rounds are creamier, older ones are drier and stronger.

If you like Cambozola, you might also like . . .
A similar mild blue such as Berkshire Blue from Massachusettes or La Peral, a Spanish blend of cow's and sheep's milks.

Great Food in Washington: Where to Find It

This article appears in the May 2011 issue of The Washingtonian.

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