Washington Doctors Who Treat Migraines and Headaches

These neurologists from our 2010 Top Doctors list treat migraines and other headaches

Jonathan R. Amy
Manassas; 703-366-2799.

Brian H. Avin
Wheaton; 301-562-7200.

Michael E. Batipps
Northwest DC; 202-829-3726.

V. John Blazina
Chevy Chase; 301-562-7200. Also in downtown DC.

Kathleen Burger
Downtown DC, 202-741-2700.

Ruben Cintron
Reston, 703-478-0440.

Katherine A. Coerver
Chevy Chase, 301-562-7200.

Ezra D. Cohen
Rockville, 301-562-7200. Also in downtown DC.

Kenneth W. Eckmann,Wheaton

Sylvia Edelstein (pediatric)
Bethesda, 301-320-6665.

Larry M. Einbinder
Rockville, 301-562-7200.

Albert P. Galdi,Rockville

Kalpana Hari Hall
Chevy Chase, 301-562-7200. Also in downtown DC.

Rhanni N. Herzfeld
Downtown DC, 301-562-7200. Also in Chevy Chase.

John J. Kelly Jr.
Downtown DC, 202-741-2700.

Leah Kroeger
Manassas, 703-366-2799.

M. Elizabeth Latimer (pediatric)
Bethesda, 301-530-9200.

Robert Laureno
Northwest DC, 202-877-0333.

Bennett L. Lavenstein (pediatric)
Fairfax, 571-226-8380. Also in Northwest DC.

William M. McClintock (pediatric)
Fairfax, 571-226-8368. Also in Northwest DC.

Nirjal K. Nikhar
Bethesda, 301-260-7600. Also in Olney.

Jon D. Peters
Reston, 703-478-0440.

Samuel J. Potolicchio
Downtown DC, 202-741-2700.

Shusila R. Rajasingham
Rockville, 301-545-6171.

Robert Richard
Reston, 703-876-0800.

Faye Rosenbaum
Arlington, 703-536-4000.

David Satinsky
Rockville, 301-562-7200.

Eric B. Sklar
Fairfax, 703-280-1234. Also in Alexandria.

Stuart R. Stark
Alexandria, 703-212-0700.

Amy R. Stone
Fairfax, 703-876-0800.

Mark TeKrony
Reston, 703-876-0800. Also in Fairfax.

James Yan
Rockville, 301-468-1997.

This article appears in the June 2011 issue of The Washingtonian. 

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