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Best Secret Sporting Event in Washington

Some of college basketball’s best new talent plays at Georgetown’s Kenner League

Georgetown's Chris Wright zooms down the court. Photograph courtesy of Georgetown University

Don’t know about the Kenner League? You may be missing out on watching some of the area’s best basketball. Based every summer at Georgetown University’s McDonough Gym, the District’s only NCAA-sanctioned summer league mixes incoming college freshmen with their future teammates and opponents for games unlike anything you’ll see at a neighborhood court. All players either hail from the Washington area or attend schools within 100 miles. Local NBA stars—think Kevin Durant and Jeff Green—have been known to stop by to join in a game. The best part? It’s free.


*As of this year, the Kenner League is now known as the Nike Pro-City League. 

Players separate into two divisions. The Hyper Dunk division is comprised of the following teams: Beyond Belief, Higher Level, The Tombs, Boss Auto, DC Assault, Hoop Magic/Team Symonds, and Startin 5. The Hyper Air division includes A. Wash Associates/Madness, 6th Man Sports, DCX, Team Takeover, Town Tavern, Clyde's, and Team Turner. 

Saturday, July 2
1 PM: Higher Level vs. Beyond Belief
2:20: Town Tavern vs. A. Wash/Madness
3:40: The Tombs vs. Startin 5
5:00: Team Takeover vs. The Clyde's
6:20: DC Assault vs. Boss Auto

Sunday, July 3
1 PM: The Clyde's vs. Team Turner
2:20: The Tombs vs. Boss Auto
3:40: A. Wash/Madness vs. Team Takeover
5:00: Town Tavern vs. DCX

Saturday, July 9
Noon: 6th Man Sports vs. Town Tavern
1:20: Hoop Magic/Team Symonds vs. Boss Auto
2:40 The Clyde's vs. A. Wash Madness
4:00: Boss Auto vs. Startin 5
5:20: A. Wash/Madness vs. Team Turner

Sunday, July 10
Noon: Town Tavern vs. Beyond Belief
1:20: DCX vs. The Clyde's
2:40: 6th Man Sports vs. Team Taveover
4:00: Boss Auto vs. Startin 5
5:20: A. Wash Madness vs. Team Turner

Saturday, July 16
Noon: Startin 5 vs. H. Magic/Team Symonds
1:20: The Clyde's vs. 6th Man Sports
2:40: Higher Level vs. The Tombs
4:00: Town Tavern vs. Team Turner
5:20: Beyond Belief vs. DC Assault

Sunday, July 17
 1 PM: Town Tavern vs. Startin 5
2:20: Boss Auto vs. Beyond Belief
3:40: H. Magic/Team Symonds vs. The Tombs
5 PM: Higher Level vs. DC Assault
6:20: 6th Man Sports vs. DCX

Friday, July 22
7:30: DC Assault vs. H. Magic/TeamSymonds
8:50: DCX vs. A. Wash/Madness

Saturday, July 23
1 PM: Higher Level vs. H. Magic/Team Symonds
2:20: Beyond Belief vs. Startin 5
3:40: Team Takeover vs. Town Tavern
5:00: Team Turner vs. 6th Man Sports
6:20: DC Assault vs. The Tombs

Sunday, July 24
1 PM: Town Tavern vs. The Clyde's
2:20: Startin 5 vs. Higher Level
3:40: H. Magic/Team Symonds vs. Beyond Belief
5:00: A. Wash/Madness vs. 6th Man Sports
6:20: Team Takeover vs. DCX

Friday, July 29
7:30 PM: Boss Auto vs. Higher Level
8:50: Team Turner vs. DCX

Saturday, July 30
Noon: 6th Man Sports vs. Boss Auto
1:20: A. Wash/Madness vs. Startin 5
2:40: Team Turner vs. The Tombs
4:00: The Clyde's vs.Higher Level
5:20: DCX vs. H. Magic/Team Symonds
6:40: DC Assault vs. Team Takeover

Sunday, July 31
Noon: Team Turner vs. H. Magic/Team Symonds
1:20: 6th Man Sports vs. Higher Level
2:40: The Clyde's vs. The Tombs
4:00: Team Takeover vs. Boss Auto
5:20: DC Assault s. DCX
6:40: A. Wash/Madness vs. Beyond Belief


Thursday, August 4
7:30 PM: Hyper Dunk (1) vs. Hyper Air (4)
8:50: Hyper Dunk (2) vs. Hyper Air (3)

Friday, August 5
7:30 PM: Hyper Dunk (1) vs. Hyper Air (4)
8:50: Hyper Dunk (2) vs. Hyper Air (3)


Saturday, August 6
Games will be played at 2 and 3:20 PM. 

Sunday, August 7 at 3 PM.

This article appears in the July 2011 issue of The Washingtonian. 

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