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Lady Gaga May Be Partnering With Local Chef

The pop singer may be pairing with celebrity chef Art Smith for a night to benefit her Born This Way Foundation.

Lady Gaga performed at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner in 2009. Photograph by Kyle Gustafson

While he won’t confirm or deny, it seems Art Smith, owner of Capitol Hill’s Art & Soul restaurant, is ready to take his friendship with Lady Gaga to a new level. He’s offered the restaurant to the pop star for an evening so “she can get to know Washington better.” The idea behind the offer is for her to invite over members of Congress and other Washington power brokers to schmooze with drink and food and promote her Born This Way Foundation. The event won’t happen until after the first of the year, when Congress is in session.

For now, the former Top Chef Masters contestant will appear in Gaga’s upcoming Thanksgiving special on ABC-TV. Their friendship was born from Gaga’s love of food and Top Chef. They met backstage at Oprah (Smith was once Oprah’s personal chef), and when the singer told the chef she was a fan, he said, “I have to cook for you.” He did, and she then introduced him to her parents, who asked him to help them open a restaurant at 68th and Columbus in New York, Joanne, where he’s the executive chef.

What will he prepare on the ABC special? Fried turkey and waffles. The interpretation was decided by Gaga, who, like Oprah, is fond of Art’s fried chicken and waffles.