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WashingTelevision: Goodbye to “The Firm”

The NBC show’s new Saturday slot means we’ll no longer be recapping it, but look out for new shows in the spring.

Don’t look so down, Mitch; WashingTelevision will be back eventually. Photograph by Steve Wilkie/NBC.

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Mitch McDeere, we hardly knew ye. Alas, due to dismal ratings and an all-round lack of critical acclaim, NBC has moved The Firm to Saturday nights from its usual Thursday slot, which means we’ll no longer be able to recap it for you. Even more alas, NBC didn’t cancel the show altogether, thanks to the fact that overseas sales make it a sure-fire moneymaker for the network. So pity the poor souls in France, Italy, Australia, and more who may soon be under the mistaken impression that everyone in Washington is (a) really, really, ridiculously good-looking, and (b) homicidal.

So this means a break for WashingTelevision and our recapping efforts, but not for too long (feel free to cheer here). We have two Washington-themed shows lined up for spring: Veep (starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as an incompetent politician) on HBO, and Scandal (starring Kerry Washington) on ABC. There’s also the six-part Political Animals lined up for summer on USA, along with Aaron Sorkin’s cable-news-themed drama, The Newsroom, on HBO. And, of course, there’s the second season of Homeland in the fall. Details are hazy on David Fincher’s Netflix series, House of Cards, which stars Kevin Spacey (and is written by former Washingtonian Beau Willimon), but it also appears to be tentatively scheduled for a fall lineup, so we’ll keep you updated on when that will happen.

Which show are you most excited for? Which will rival Homeland in the excitement stakes? And what, if anything, will keep you watching The Firm in its new timeslot? Let us know in the comments.