Ripple’s Mystery Bakery Will Open in March

What will be the main item on offer at the wee Cleveland Park shop? Hint: It won’t be cupcakes.

The front counter at Ripple, soon to be neighbored by a bakery. Photograph courtesy of Ripple via Facebook.

Here’s what we do know: The small retail shop just south of the main entrance of Cleveland Park wine bar Ripple—heretofore empty of merchandise—should be open, and full of merchandise, by the second week of March. And it will be a bakery, focusing on one item in particular. Owner Roger Marmet says Ripple pastry chef Alison Reed has been hard at work perfecting the goods on offer.

Here’s what we don’t know: what exactly the focus at this bakery will be. That’s because Marmet is currently trying to trademark the shop’s name, and revealing the mystery item will also reveal the not-yet-trademarked name. Marmet assures us, however, “It’s not a cupcake place.” He also told us that there will always be something seasonal at the bakery, with fruit from local farms. Ripple has also just started baking its own bread in the kitchen, and currently the restaurant is working on five or six sandwiches to offer daily at the shop.

So, to recap: bakery, not cupcakes, freshly made sandwiches, opening within a month.

Stay tuned.