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Artini Recipe: Michael Audi's Layers DF

Find out how to re-create this gorgeously colored cocktail, inspired by a mural on the ceiling of the Corcoran.

For the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s Artini 2012, Michael Audi of El Centro DF has created a cocktail so beautiful you almost don’t want to drink it. The Layers DF cocktail’s base liquor is Herradura Blanco tequila, and splashes of cranberry juice and crème de violette add color to represent the art gallery’s ceiling mural “Putti with Allegorical Figures Representing the Arts and Seasons” by Hughes Taraval.

Saturday’s event is sold out, but you can watch this video of Audi creating the cocktail and try it yourself.


1½ ounces Herradura Blanco tequila

½ ounce Cointreau

¾ ounce El Centro DF’s house-made chili-ginger simple syrup

4 dashes orange bitters

1 ounce Squirt grapefruit soda

Cranberry juice

Crème de violette

Orange slice


1) Chill a martini glass with ice.

2) Pour the first four ingredients into a separate mixing glass.

3) Add ice and shake ingredients well.

4) Remove ice from martini glass and strain drink into it.

5) Add grapefruit soda.

6. Add a splash of cranberry juice.

7) Add a splash of crème de violette.

8) Garnish with an orange slice.