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DC Tweets: Rush Plus Day One

Rush Plus: boon for commuters, or total bust?

WMATA promises “rush hour reinvented” through its latest initiative, Rush Plus, which kicked off on Monday, but after scrolling
through a number tweets we’re getting a feeling it’s more of the same old thing.

Metro riders have been bombarded with videos, symbols,
and signs announcing the launch of Metrorail’s new Rush Plus program
for weeks, and on Monday the day finally arrived. The new
initiative claimed expanded rush hour service, additional stops,
and more frequent trains to alleviate congestion along some of
the city’s busiest lines, but from the looks of the crowded
platforms—and the @wmata timeline—there may still be a few
kinks to work out. Riders of Blue Line trains complained of waiting
too long and watching Orange Line trains go by, Yellow and
Green Line commuters complained of overcrowded Greens and absent
Yellows, and Red Line riders enjoyed watching everyone else
suffer for a change. Check out a selection of the tweets below,
then tell us what you think of Rush Plus so far in the