The Oddest Publicity Stunt at the Summer Fancy Food Show

Granola goes Greek with models in togas riding around in chariots (err, pedicabs).

Because nothing puts people in the mood for a granola bar like models in togas. Photographs by Mark Silva.

The Summer Fancy Food Show is huge, y’all. We know, because we spent most of yesterday afternoon wandering through aisle after aisle of olive oils and chocolate truffles and grow-your-own mushroom kits and savory jams and canned tomato sauces and gluten-free muffin mixes and . . . you get the picture. 

So for a company to stand out among the 2,000-odd vendor stations at the massive convention, it has to do more than spear a few samples with toothpicks and hire a booth babe or two to entice roving retailers. Sometimes, it has to go big, or—in the case of one yogurt-covered energy bar company—go big and go weird.

These models were employed by Rickland Orchards, makers of a bar that combines fruit, granola, and Greek yogurt. Its main claim to fame: “It’s the first Greek yogurt bar that doesn’t need refrigeration,” says a company rep. The models orbited the Convention Center in rented pedicabs yesterday and Sunday, causing something of a Fancy Food sensation.

A Random Sampling of Offerings From the Summer Fancy Food Show